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Snowboarders show how cool ‘slofies’ can be


A snowboarder takes a slofie
A snowboarder takes a slow-mo selfie with an iPhone 11.
Screencap : Apple

Apple doesn’t want iPhone 11 owners to forget they can record slofies: slow-motion video of themselves taken with the front-facing camera. As a reminder, the company posted a pair of selfie videos of professional snowboarders captured while they’re doing tricks.

Watch them now:

Apple acts fast to trademark ‘slofie’


scene from video for slofie
It sounded fun when we heard it, but Apple is all business about the word "slofie."
Photo: Apple

Apple thought itself cheeky when it used the word “slofie” to introduce the slow-motion feature on the iPhone 11’s selfie camera.

Now that the chuckles have subsided, Apple wants to trademark the name.