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Keep iPhone connected abroad with Holafly’s eSIM unlimited data plans


A man sits in an airport terminal with his feet resting on his suitcase and an iPhone with eSIM for international data in his hand. A plane is taking off outside the window.
Traveling to another country? With an eSIM, you can rest assured your iPhone can get online.
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You may already know about SIM cards for cellular data, those little microchips that slide on trays in or out of smartphones. But the future of connectivity is eSIM cards, and that future is now.

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iPhones and other smart gadgets already come with eSIM built in. And one of the best ways to use this convenient new technology is to enjoy international travel with unlimited eSIM data from Holafly.

Holafly’s eSIM unlimited data plans cover you when you travel. They’re tailored to your destinations. And they keep your iPhone connected in many countries, hassle-free, while also keeping costs down.

Evolving eSIM technology is a huge boon to iPhone users


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The United States is one of 164 countries where you can travel with Holafly eSIM. You can enjoy unlimited data at a low price.
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You’re probably familiar with SIM cards, the little microchip cards that you can slide into your cellular device via a tiny tray on the side. But do you know that virtual SIM card technology — eSIM — has evolved to replace the clumsy SIM card? eSIM makes changing up your data plan for travel and other needs easier than ever before.

This post is brought to you by Holafly.
It’s no exaggeration to say eSIM is the future of cellular. And one reason that’s especially clear is that Apple released iPhone 14 models in some countries without a SIM card tray. The leading smartphone maker is “all in” on eSIM. And you should be, too.

How to save gigabytes of data while traveling


Nothing says
Nothing says "freedom" and "pioneer spirit" like a creepy abandoned canoe.
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Summer! That time of year where you stay in somebody else’s home via Airbnb, crank up their air conditioning and wear a sweater in the house, even though it’s 90 degrees outside. Aka the season where you leave the limitless comfort of your home Wi-Fi, to venture out into the world using just a restricted cellular plan.

Summer revives that old pioneering spirit of hardship, the bare essentials of living, and of making do with whatever you have. And just like the original English and Spanish invaders of the modern-day United States, you’ll have to do without the comforts of on-demand GPS and automatic app updates.

Today we’ll see how you can stretch your meager data allowance while traveling.

International roaming is a killer. This $42 chip keeps your travel fees in check. [Deals]


Data roaming
Get access to 4G data speeds when traveling abroad with Flexiroam.
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If you’ve ever made calls or used data across international borders without checking on your service plan specifics first, that’s likely a mistake you won’t make again. It’s called international roaming — and when your U.S. SIM card connects with a mobile network in a foreign nation, you usually start accruing new charges. Those fees typically start at just a couple bucks, but they can go through the roof quickly if you aren’t careful.