iPhone camera rig will make your footage look silky smooth [Review]


The X1 Pro Rig from Shoulderpod.
Photo: Shoulderpod

The more powerful the iPhone camera gets, the less practical the iPhone design is for certain jobs. Holding a thin, pocket-shaped device out in front of your face with your forefingers and thumbs on both ends to view the screen is risky and shaky, especially for video.

But there are accessories that can give the mobile video shooter a secure and steady grip without adding much weight or bulk in the field. Among the best tools come from a company in Spain called Shoulderpod.

Best iPhone camera accessories for iPhone 6s


If you want to take your iPhone photography to the next level, these accessories will help you get the job done.
If you want to take your iPhone photography to the next level, these accessories will help you get the job done.
Photo: Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor

Shoulderpod’s iPhone grip helps you shoot video like a pro


ShoulderPod's S1 grip is a fantastic addition to your kit.
ShoulderPod's S1 grip is a fantastic addition to your kit.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

So you want to take video with your iPhone, because you realize that it’s a fantastic camera with some great features like slo-mo and time-lapse, and you also know that the best camera for any video or photo shoot is often the one you have with you.

If you’re like me, though, chances are you’re a bit shaky-handed. Or you have big mitts that tend to cover your whole iPhone, and they constantly end up hitting the Sleep button when you don’t want them to.

In short, shooting video with any sort of professionalism or polish is much more easily accomplished with a camera you can grip. That’s where ShoulderPod S1 Pro iPhone Grip comes in.

Shoulderpod’s chunky S1 grip makes iPhone camera far easier to use


One handed-selfies are now even easier. Photos Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac
One handed-selfies are now even easier. Photos: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Do you like to wander the streets, camera in hand, ready to catch an amazing shot? Have you ever missed that shot thanks to the time taken to fumble your iPhone from your pocket and fire up the camera? Even if the answer to these questions is “No,” you should probably take a look at Shoulderpod’s S1 anyway – it’s not only a great camera grip, but also the best value you’ll get spending $30 on an iPhone accessory.

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May 30 2014

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Film or digital? Campfire or BBQ? Car or bike? Cable or wireless?

No matter which way you swing, this week’s gadgets have you covered. iPhoneographers can enjoy the Shoulderpod hand grip or slip the new iPad Olloclip onto their Mini or Air, and film nuts can get instant satisfaction with the new Lomo Instant Camera.

Camping? Take it easy in the giant Meriwether tent or go survivalist with the Blastmatch fire-starter. You can even choose how to arrive at the site, with accessories for your car or your bike. Happy traveling!

ShoulderPod For iPhone Cuts Down On Crazy Camera Confusion, Supplies Sturdy Stand



Quick quiz – How do you hold your iPhone when you’re taking video? And when you’re shooting photos? If your answer is “Uhhhh…. Depends? I don’t know…” then you are just like me. I never quite know which way up it is, or whether my finger is on the shutter release (volume switch), or whether the app I’m using even lets me use the volume switch to take a picture (cough Instagram cough).

The ShoulderPod is designed to fix that, adding a stand and a fat grip to the iPhone.