Think you need pro gear for great iPhone photos? That’s fake news.


iPhone rig
You don't necessarily need expensive gear to make a great iPhone video.
Photo: Marques Brownlee/YouTube

You can make great photos and videos with just an iPhone. There is nothing fake about that statement. Thousands of great iPhone photos appear on our camera rolls and Instagram feeds every day to prove it.

Nevertheless, a recent YouTube video suggested Apple uses more than just iPhones to create its “Shot on iPhone” commercials. The video quickly went viral. Headlines it generated sowed seeds of doubt about the authenticity of Apple’s claims.

So, are we really getting the great camera Apple says it puts in its iPhones?

Apple shares inspiring ‘Portrait of Canada’ in latest iPhone ad


Shot on iPhone ad screenshot
One of the many breathtaking shots of Canada shot on iPhone.

Apple published a new video to celebrate Canada’s inclusive spirit today as the company’s latest ad for its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign.

The inspiring commercial was created by three Canadian artists with the help of iPhone owners across the country. Like many of Apple’s other ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads the new ‘Portrait of Canada’ spot features a montage of short videos and photographs captured by iPhone.

How the iPhone revolutionized photography


iPhone photo shoot
Fashion photographer Georges Antoni uses the iPhone 7 Plus on Portrait mode to photograph Margaret Zhang for the June cover story of Elle Australia.
Photo: Bauer Media Australia/YouTube

iPhone turns 10When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, no one imagined that in 10 short years it would become the world’s most popular camera and herald a new era of visual communication.

Yet we are witnessing the death of point-and-shoots, the explosion of massive social networks devoted to pics and videos, and the rise of perhaps the most popular photo style of all time — the selfie.

Just consider that we are expected to take 1 trillion pictures this year alone. That’s a million million photos.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the ways the iPhone was transformed photography forever.

Apple’s beautiful new ad celebrates Earth, as shot on iPhone


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.29.53
Ad includes words of wisdom from Carl Sagan.
Photo: Apple

Apple has debuted a great new ad from its “Shot on iPhone” campaign, showing off some stunning videos of the world shot by everyday users. The ad is titled simply “Earth.”

It comes days after Apple reconfirmed its commitment to environmental causes after President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. Check it out below.

Apple celebrates Turkey’s Children’s Day with new iPhone billboards


Apple is celebrating iPhone photos shot by kids.
Photo: Apple

As if it wasn’t hard enough keeping on top of Apple’s business in the U.S., Tim Cook has tweeted out an image as an advance celebration of Turkey’s National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, which takes place on April 23.

The image is a variation on Apple’s long-established “Shot on iPhone,” campaign, except this time depicting photos taken by “young talents” in Turkey. Or, at least, young talents in Turkey fortunate enough to own an iPhone!

iPhone photographer unboxes surprise gift from Apple


Cielo de la Paz shares her first look at a book produced by Apple that features the photographers from the
Cielo de la Paz shares her first look at a book produced by Apple that features the photographers from the "Shot on iPhone 6s" campaign.
Photo: Cielo de la Paz/YouTube

If you like watching a kid opening a gift at Christmastime, you might delight in watching a video posted by iPhone photographer Cielo de la Paz that shows her opening an unexpected gift from Apple.

For the second straight year, the self-taught photographer had one of her pictures selected for Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” marketing campaign. In addition to compensation for use of the photos for the campaign, Apple surprises the photographers with a coffee table book displaying photos selected for the Apple World Gallery.

Apple’s new Shot on iPhone ads feature lots of slo-mo and timelapse


Going down.
Going down.
Photo: Apple

Apple has added two new spots to its iconic ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign that highlight the iPhone’s video capabilities.

The short new ads only last 15 seconds. One highlights the effects you can get by using iPhone’s slo-mo video and some windblown hair, while the other captures how thrilling it is to zip down the cable car in Bregenz, Austria.

Watch them both below:

New ‘Shot on iPhone’ spots will make you antsy and nuts


squirrel eating a peanut
Meet the star of Apple's new ad.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign got a tiny dose of nature with the company’s two latest video ads that highlight the iPhone’s ability to capture amazing close-up macro videos.

The two new ads star a nut loving chipmunk and an ant on the prowl, and somehow manage to be incredibly captivating.

Watch them both below: