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New Apple Store In Shenzhen, China Will Open Its Doors On Saturday, November 3


Apple will have 7 retail stores in China come Saturday.

If you own a Mac or an iOS device, there’s a good chance it was assembled by the fine folks at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. Despite being born there, however, Apple’s latest gadgets aren’t exactly easy to get hold of in the city. But that’s set to change on Saturday, November 3, when the Cupertino company opens the doors to its first Shenzhen retail store.

Apple Expected To Finalize Lightning Guidelines With Accessory Makers On November 7 [Rumor]


Apple isn't the only one who can use the Lightning trademark.
Will we see third-party Lightning accessories before Christmas?

The iPhone 5 has been on sale for nearly a month now, but we’re still yet to see any official third-party Lightning accessories. It’s not that accessory makers are slow at producing them, it’s that Apple is yet to finalize its Lightning policies and give manufacturers the go-ahead to use its new connector.

Fortunately, this is expected to happen next month. Apple will hold a conference in Shenzhen, China, between November 7 and November 8 with its Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad (MFI) program partners to finalize its Lightning plans, according to a source “close to Apple’s accessory manufacturing partner.”

Apple Stores Being Built Right Outside Of Foxconn Factories [Report]


apple store in shangahi
This incredible Apple store in Shanghai is one of only five Apple stores on China's mainland.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly gearing up to open two new stores in China which will be positioned near the Foxconn factories that assemble the large majority of its Mac and iOS devices. There are currently only five Apple retail stores on China’s mainland — three in Shanghai and two in Beijing — but Chengdu and Shenzhen could be home to another two very soon.

Over 200,000 New iPads Have Already Been Smuggled Into One Chinese City [Report]


Like any Apple device, the new iPad is big business on China's grey market.
Like any Apple device, the new iPad is big business on China's grey market.

Apple’s new iPad has been available to purchase in the U.S. and nine other countries for just four days, but over 200,000 units have already been smuggled into China for sale on the grey market. Natives are reportedly importing the device into the city of Shenzhen, a city that borders Hong Kong, for a profit of around $20 on each device.

Apple Could Be Slapped With $38 Million Fine For Using iPad Name In China


Sure it can play Angry Birds and send email, but it's not worth an internal organ.
Sure it can play Angry Birds and send email, but it's not worth an internal organ.

Apple comes down hard on manufacturers that attempt to use its product names — or any variation of its product names — for their own goods. We learned this yesterday when it was revealed the Cupertino company is demanding a New Zealand case manufacturer to change the name of its driPhone brand. But it seems Apple may be guilty of exactly the same practice, which could land it a $38 million fine from Chinese company Proview Technology.

1,000 Workers At Apple’s Keyboard Supplier in Shenzhen Walk Out In Protest



1,000 workers at a Jingmo Electronics factory in Shenzhen, China, staged a strike earlier this week over long hours and poor working conditions. The factory supplies keyboards to companies like IBM, LG, and Apple, and China Labor Watch is now calling for these companies to improve the working conditions for the employees at the factory, focusing specifically on Apple.

Chinese Knockoff Makers Almost Perfectly Clone The Unibody MacBook Air



What’s this? Looks like a unibody MacBook Air, right? Don’t bet a kidney on it: Shenzhen’s Evil Confederacy of Mad Scientist Cloners have managed to almost perfectly rip off the feel of Apple’s bestselling MacBook Air, including unibody enclosure, for under half the price of Apple’s ultraportable.

And you know what? For a piece-of-$%@! netbook dumped into a MacBook Air-like shell, it’s not a bad machine for the sub-$500 price.

Foxconn Engineer Kills Herself After Being Insulted By Manager, Sent By Foxconn To Psychiatric Hospital



It may be the New Year, but sadly, it appears that the mere turning-over of the calendar isn’t enough to put a stop to the slate of Foxconn suicides: last Friday, a female engineer leaped from her brother’s 10th floor flat to her death after being insulted by a superior, ordered to quit, then sent to a psychiatric hospital on Foxconn’s orders.

The suicide is the fifteenth so far, although the first Foxconn suicide in 2011.