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10% Of Men Want An iPad More Than They Want Sex


Which do you want more? The iPad or the lady?

What’s your favorite new possession? If you don’t say your new iPad, there’s probably something wrong with you, or maybe you just haven’t had the blessed opportunity to feel the sweet sweet love of resolutionary pixels titillating your eyeballs. The iPad is great, and according to 10% of men, the iPad is better than sex.

I Just Made Love App Lets You Tell Everyone The GPS Coordinates Of Where You Last Banged



For the exhibitionist, the free I Made Love app allows you to “check in” to places you have boned, down to the GPS location and sexual position.

Alarmingly, there is a high concentration of activity in I Made Love at the Market Basket parking lot across the street from me. I always thought those guys were just practicing wrestling moves in the back seat of their cars.

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These iPad-Owning Lapdancers Are Ready To Invade Your iPhone Thanks To Saucytime [Exclusive]



Saucytime is the latest company to pair sex with Apple’s handy videoconferencing technology FaceTime.

Apple’s desire to keep their devices G-rated hasn’t kept adult chat services from trying. But iP4Play, the first company to launch a porn chat service over FaceTime went bust after just a few months, citing low FaceTime adoption.

The latest come-hither chat service is the UK-based Saucytime. To my American ears, the name promises more Benny Hill-esque titillation than graphic raunch. That’s intentional, says co-founder Lei.

Porn Service iP4Play Goes Bust, CEO Says FaceTime Adoption Too Low [Exclusive]



Steve Jobs can’t stop porn on Apple devices, but low FaceTime adoption can, apparently.

We’ve been following the rise of FaceTime adult chat company iP4Play since it launched in August 2010.

Now Cult of Mac has learned the company is bust: operations officially ceased last week.

iP4Play blames slow adoption of FaceTime, Apple’s videoconferencing technology, rather than any failings of the company. Not enough people are using FaceTime, whether for sex chat or anything else, the company’s CEO says.