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Setapp gives you more than 240 Mac apps for just $84.99 per year


No more searching for apps with this subscription that gives you 240+ for $84.99.
Gain access to more than 240 great Mac apps, with no ads or in-apps purchases.
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Instead of searching for new Mac apps, why not spring for a subscription that gives you instant access to more than 240 of them? Setapp is a collection of more than 240 apps for basic tasks like finances, creativity and more.

Normally, a one-year subscription would cost $119. But right now, you can get it for just $84.99.

Get busy with 4 great apps on World Productivity Day


Setapp has great productivity apps for macOS and iOS.
Setapp has great productivity apps for macOS and iOS.
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A subscription service might not sound like a great way to get your apps, but don’t sell it short. Many folks find subscribing to Setapp is an easy and worthwhile way to get more than 200 apps that help with a variety of tasks — and that someone else has already curated.

After all, the main alternative is diving into the vast app ocean of the App Store. Good luck finding just what you need in there before you drown.

In honor of World Productivity Day — that’s right, at least try to look busy on June 20 — we take a look at some of Setapp’s great tools.

Ukrainian devs work in bathtubs as Russian bombs and missiles fly


MacPaw's Julia Petryk works in her bathtub, the safest place in her Kyiv apartment as Russian bombs and missiles fall.
MacPaw's Julia Petryk works in her bathtub, the safest place in her Kyiv apartment during the Russian bombardment of Ukraine.
Photo: Julia Petryk/MacPaw

Between air raids and missile strikes, Julia Petryk works in her bathtub in Ukraine. It’s the safest place in her Kyiv apartment.

“The last interview I gave for media was in the bathtub,” she told Cult of Mac in an email. It’s “the safest place in the apartment during bombardment.”

MacPaw vows user support will continue as war breaks out in Ukraine


MacPaw Ukraine
MacPaw says "nothing is going to change" for users.
Image: MacPaw

Our friends at MacPaw in Kyiv, Ukraine, are today facing the horrifying reality of a Russian invasion. But they want to assure users of their software — including CleanMy Mac X and Setapp — that support will continue.

An emergency plan is in place to ensure that there are no disruptions to MacPaw’s operations, development or customer assistance. “We’ve been enjoying working for you all these years and appreciate all the trust you’ve put into our company,” said CEO Oleksandr Kosovan in a blog post Thursday. “We won’t disappoint your expectations.”

Boost your productivity with more than 200 top-rated Mac apps for less than $70


Be more productive than ever before with this service of 200+ Mac apps, now less than $70 for a whole year.
It’s your last chance to get the top-rated "Netflix of Mac apps" at this low price.
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Which Mac apps do you subscribe to — and which would you like to try out, but can’t justify the expense? How about one low-priced subscription that gives you access to more than 200 killer Mac apps?

That’s the concept behind Setapp, dubbed “the Netflix of Mac apps,” and this week is your last chance to grab a one-year subscription for just $69. That’s a 36% discount off the regular price of $107.

Setapp’s suite of apps transformed my productivity, finances and creativity


Setapps has a great suite of mac apps.
Like many people out there, I rely on apps to navigate my day-to-day because technology continues to change my life.
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By Unique Michael

Like you, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to use my Apple devices. That usually means trying new apps, but it’s not always clear which apps are worth installing and which are a waste of time and money.

Instead of trying apps haphazardly, there’s an option that’s been called the “Spotify of Mac apps.” This unique and inexpensive subscription service lets you access more than 200 popular and well-regarded Mac apps to download and try.

That option is Setapp, and right now you can save 36% on a one-year subscription.

One of Apple Arcade’s best games, a great notes app, and the best Twitter client [Awesome Apps of the Week]


Awesome app icons fading into distance
There’s plenty to love in this week’s installment of Awesome Apps!
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Whether you’re a gamer, a social media junkie, a productivity geek, or just love adding personality to your device, this week’s Awesome Apps of the Week offer something for just about everyone.

For those of you that don’t feel like any of those describe you, some of this weeks apps may still check a box or two for you.

Access more than 210 curated Mac apps with Setapp


Setapp gives you access to 210+ curated mac apps
Enjoy hundreds of stellar Mac apps for one low price with Setapp.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Navigating the App Store can be a difficult task. With all the available apps that can make your life easier and help your computer function more efficiently, finding the best ones is a real challenge. But there is a way to get that done while somebody else does the work for you. That’s what you’ll get with a one-year subscription to Setapp.

Get access to more than 200 quality Mac apps for just $69 with Setapp


mac apps
Setapp is like the Netflix of Mac apps (and now offers iOS apps, too).
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re always looking for new apps to boost your creativity and improve your workflow, check out Setapp. This service helps boost Mac and iPhone productivity via a curated collection of more than 210 apps that cover nearly every need.

Typically retailing for $119, a year-long subscription to Setapp is now available for just $69 (42% off its normal price). With it, you get full access to all the great Mac apps in Setapp’s impressive library.

Setapp, the app subscription service, lands on iOS with 8 awesome titles


Setapp comes to iOS
A catalog of amazing apps, one small monthly fee.
Photo: Setapp

Setapp, the brilliant app subscription service from MacPaw, has finally landed on iOS. The service offers eight titles at launch, including task-management app 2Do and wonderful writing tool Ulysses.

A small monthly fee gets you complete, unlimited access to every app in the catalog, with more being added on a regular basis. And if you’re already a Setapp subscriber, you may get the iOS apps for free.