Apple services
Services are big business for Apple.
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Apple One is the Prime-style bundle that will lock us into Apple services


Amazon Prime video
Can Apple follow the Amazon Prime formula?
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Apple One, which bundles several of the company’s vaunted services together, is a genius move. At best, it saves you money. At worst, it looks like it does.

I think it’s going to be a massive hit for Apple, and will provide a much-needed boost for struggling services like Apple News+ and Apple Arcade. However, it might cause some big headaches in Cupertino, too.

Apple explores new ways to promote its services


Apple services are important to the company’s future profits. was all about Apple TV+ on Friday. It’s all part of advertising this company’s services.
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Apple TV+ took over the home page on Friday. And the company also released a lengthy video about a game recently added to Apple Arcade. These Apple services are seen as increasingly important to its bottom line. And the company is using new ways to advertise them.

From Apple TV+ to Apple Arcade, Cupertino’s new services fail to bring in big money


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Apple services may not be bringing in the cash, Bloomberg says.
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As Apple’s services division grows in importance, the company’s newest services — Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and Apple Card — are failing to bring in significant revenue, according to a new report.

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman writes that, while services likely will increase yet again when Apple announces its Q3 earnings this week, most of these gains will come from older services like the App Store.

Services could help make Apple a $2 trillion company by 2024


Suddenly that $1 trillion valuation looks pretty paltry.
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Apple was the first public company in history to reach a $700 billion, $800 billion, $900 billion, and $1 trillion valuation. Could it also be the first company to hit the vaunted $2 trillion mark? And, if so, when will this happen?

In a research note to clients, Evercore ISI analyst Amit Daryanani argues that not only can Apple get to this mark, it can do so over the next four years. That would be just six years after it hit $1 trillion for the first time. Today, Apple is worth around $1.3 trillion.


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Apple's focusing on growing its services business more than ever.
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Samsung wants to follow Apple in building a giant services business


Samsung wants to follow Apple in building a giant services business
Samsung wants to build a $50 billion-a-year services business. Who doesn't?
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Samsung wants to copy Apple’s success in services by establishing a $50 billion-a-year services business. This would help the company make up for falling smartphone sales with subscription sales.

Having invested heavily in software over the past four years, a senior Samsung executive said the company is working to turn this into, “meaningful customer experiences.”