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Servant shakes things up with a séance [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★


Leanne (played by Nell Tiger Free) in a seance scene from Apple TV+ chiller ★★★★
Just light the candles and let 'er rip!
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewWe’re having a séance this week on Apple TV+ chiller Servant, the wonderfully cracked show about a magical nanny who uses murder and mayhem to maintain her grip on the Philadelphia family who summoned her.

Leanne hates the two new nurses Dorothy hired to look after her during her recovery, but she’s losing her favor with Sean and Julian by acting so suspicious. Sean desperately wants Dorothy to go back to her old self, and is realizing Leanne might be the problem.

It’s a tense and sharply directed episode of the best show on Apple TV+.

Servant unleashes a bed bug blitz [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant cast members in hazmat suits and gas masks.
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse ... bed bugs!
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewDorothy is back in the bizarre Turner household this week on Apple TV+ thriller Servant — and she’s not happy to be home. Leanne insists on normalcy, but considering the things that have happened, that’s asking a lot.

To make matters worse, Tobe and Julian are stuck in the house together. Plus, the Turners have a big bug problem, Sean can’t stand up for either Leanne or Dorothy, and Dorothy keeps throwing a monkey wrench in Leanne’s plans.

Servant returns with one hell of a season 4 opener [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★


The Turners' witchy nanny Leanne (played by Nell Tiger Free) in a still from Apple TV+ psychological thriller ★★★★
It's time for a homecoming as Servant begins its final season.
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TV+ ReviewServant, the most joyous and unhinged show on Apple TV+, returns for its fourth and final season this week. The saga of the Turner family and their live-in nanny can’t help but disappoint, just because it’s going away. Never mind whether it wraps up its plot threads or not.

A show unbound from ordinary televisual constraints, both dramatically and visually, Servant serves as a vivid representation of its creators’ raging id. As such, its first three seasons became one of the most wonderful pleasures on television. Let’s see how M. Night Shyamalan and Co. are set to send off this family of arch-weirdos.

Servant season 3 finale will leave you desperate for more [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant season 3 finale recap: Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder in the Turner household ...
Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder in the Turner household ...
Photo: Apple TV+

Dorothy has one final trick up her sleeve on the season finale of Apple TV+ thriller Servant, M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop’s show about a mystic nanny and the troubled family she appears out of nowhere to help.

Just when it seems like things can’t possibly be more warped than they already are, a handful of desperate events throw the Turner household into tragedy and disarray. Is there any coming back from this?

Servant‘s riotous third season comes to a close on a dreadful cliffhanger, promising more chaos and darkness in the currently filming fourth season.

Leanne strikes again in another shocking episode of Servant [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant recap: Leanne is full of surprises.
Leanne is full of surprises.
Photo: Apple TV+

Dorothy is fed up on this week’s Servant, the Apple TV+’s show about a witchy nanny named Leanne who takes over the lives of a rich Philadelphia family.

Dorothy wants Leanne out of the house by any means necessary, heedless of just how crazed her determination makes her look. She’s going to need all the help she can get to best Leanne, who she should know by now is nigh-impossible to outflank.

This week’s typically strong episode comes courtesy of Austrian directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, who take to the world of Servant like fish to water.

This week’s Servant shows why you should never cross Leanne [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant recap: In light of recent events, Dorothy keeps a close eye on baby Jericho.
In light of recent events, Dorothy keeps a close eye on baby Jericho.
Photo: Apple TV+

Leanne makes a surprising new friend on this week’s episode of Servant, Apple TV+’s M. Night Shyamalan-shepherded show about a nanny upending the lives of a rich Philadelphia couple.

Dorothy’s rival at the TV station shows up in their lives with a little more force than usual, and it’s up to Leanne to fix things, and keep the Turners from losing what they worked so hard to gain.

On this week’s Servant, Leanne shows everyone who’s really in charge [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant recap,
Don't mess with Leanne.
Photo: Apple TV+

Dorothy is getting fed up with Leanne and her followers on this week’s installment of Apple TV+ thriller Servant. The cultish mischief is ramped up as Leanne starts to exercise more overt and dark power over the goings on in the Turner household. And Dorothy realizes she’s no longer the one in control in a chaotic climactic vignette.

The endgame now looks like it’s going to be Dorothy and Leanne fighting for the soul of baby Jericho.

A dinner party goes deliciously sideways this week on Servant [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant recap Apple TV+: Leanne (played by Nell Tiger Free) lets loose in this week's unnerving and surprisingly funny episode.
Leanne (played by Nell Tiger Free) lets loose in this week's unnerving and surprisingly funny episode.
Photo: Apple TV+

The Turners throw a truly miserable dinner party on this week’s Servant, the Apple TV+ show about demonic forces assailing the residents of a Philadelphia brownstone.

Leanne makes it her business to embarrass Sean’s guest, Dorothy spies something she shouldn’t, and sober Julian just drinks it all in.

The funniest and most daringly tense episode of the show — powered by Servant creator Tony Basgallop, showrunner M. Night Shyamalan and a host of incredible writers and directors — takes no prisoners. It also gives Nell Tiger Free some of the best comic work she’s done on the show to date.

Servant takes us on a folk-horror funhouse ride [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant recap
Leanne gets to have a little fun this week on Servant. But not too much.
Photo: Apple TV+

Servant heads off to the carnival this week as Apple TV+’s show about the madness lurking near a Philadelphia brownstone nudges crisis ever nearer to nanny Leanne and the Turners.

Writer/creator Tony Basgallop and director/producer M. Night Shyamalan prove once again they have a real eye for talent as this week’s hired guns do incredible work building an unyielding atmosphere of discomfort and discovery.

Leanne is finally ready to let her guard down, and the people watching her seem to know it, but who’s watching who, exactly? There’s still an open question about allegiances — and it’s about to get more complicated. There will be blood … and funnel cake.

Leanne takes us to new levels of lunacy in this week’s Servant [Apple TV+ recap]


Servant recap
Leanne (played by Nell Tiger Free) gets a little out there in this week's episode -- and we love it!
Photo: Apple TV+

Servant conjures up a storm in a teacup this week on Apple TV+. Leanne, the nanny with strange powers, finds herself losing control just as the desperate family she’s here to save needs her most.

Threatened by creeps, stalkers, and pretenders, Leanne has little choice but to let bad things happen to bad people. Writer Laura Marks and director Dylan Holmes Williams create a memorably harrowing half-hour in this week’s episode, entitled “Ring.”