Samsung proves packaging can be more than just pretty trash


That's a cat house ... made from a TV box.
Photo: Samsung

We know Apple makes some of the prettiest packaging you’ll ever find wrapped around electronics, but it’s really just trash when you’re done with it. Samsung has found a terrific way to make its packaging useful.

Boxes built for the company’s newest TV sets can be turned quickly and easily turned into cardboard cat houses, small furniture, and other useful things when you’re done with them.

Affinity apps free to photographers and designers during COVID-19


Affinity Photo for iPad
Affinity Photo for iPad.
Photo: Serif

Imaging software companies have been stepping up to support photographers and artists with work drying up because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Joining Adobe and Skylum, Serif is offering three months free access to its Affinity suite of apps, which includes Affinity Photo for Mac and iPad. If trial users like Affinity they can purchase the apps for 50 percent off the retail price.