Your iPhone Becomes A Waterproof Beach Camera In The Seidio Obex Case [Review]


Obex is a like scuba suit for your iPhone.
Obex is a like scuba suit for your iPhone.

If extreme outdoorsman Bear Grylls has an iPhone 5, he no doubt needs to protect it from all sorts of dangers, like rain, dirt, mud, and when things get really tough, his own micturitions.

Obex Case by Seidio
Category: iPhone Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $90

That’s exactly the kind of over-the-top protection Seidio’s Obex case promises—total refuge from water, dust, sand, and grime. Add to that submersion protection in up to three feet of water and an anti-reflective glass camera cover that maintains image quality, and you’ve got the perfect case for taking iPhone photos on the beach.

Seidio’s Vitreo Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5



Screen protectors are big business, apparently, judging by the number of people I see with the filthy, peeling prophylactics stuck to screens, bubbles pushing through. But they all have one big problem – feel. No matter how fancy they are, those plastic skins will never feel as good as the silky, slippery glass of the naked iPhone screen.

Which is why Seidio will now sell you a tempered glass protector for your iPhone 5.