Apple requests DMCA removal of iPhone security tweet, then changes its mind


Apple requests DMCA removal of iPhone security tweet. Then changes its mind
Apple has a complex relationship with security researchers.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple recently filed a DMCA takedown request relating to information posted by an independent iPhone security researcher. The researcher, Siguza, posted a tweet featuring a possible encryption key for the iPhone’s Secure Enclave Processor.

Apple later backtracked and allowed the tweet to be reposted. Even so, security researchers are accusing Apple of abusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Security researchers are flooding the market with iOS exploits


Here's how much you can make selling certain exploit chains.
Photo: Zerodium

One of the biggest buyers of iOS zero-day exploits says the market is flooded with new iPhone bugs due to weakened security components in Safari and iMessage.

Zerodium, which pays $2 million for iOS exploits, recently announced it’s increasing its payout for Android exploits to $2.5 million. iOS used to be the most locked-down mobile operating system, but the company says Android’s security has improved with every new OS release while iOS has been slacking, leading to a glut of new exploits.