Refresh Screen & Keyboard Kit Promises To Keep Your Mac Squeaky Clean [Review]


Refresh Complete Screen & Keyboard Cleaning Kit by Techlink
Category: Cleaning Kit
Works With: iMac, MacBook
Price: £19.95 ($33.38)

Chalk it up to the state of modern life if you want — where we’re much more comfortable looking at an iPhone screen than building fires and hunting wild animals — but there’s something undeniably manly about the idea of cleaning your iMac with something called a Screen Cleaning Blade.

Okay, so things get less rugged individualist when you hear that this is a scented, anti-bacterial Screen Cleaning Blade, and still less so when you hear that it features a “vibrant satin finish” — but, hey, at least it’s something, right? Coming packaged with another cleaner designed for your keyboard (the Keyboard Blade?), these two handy gadgets promise to keep your Apple products looking as shiny as the day you first unboxed them.

So do they live up to their word?