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Maintain your privacy when traveling with this hidden camera detector


Become a hidden camera detective with these pocket security devices.
Search your room for hidden cameras with this limited-time deal.
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Travel is stressful enough without worrying about where you’re staying. It doesn’t happen often, but people find hidden cameras in hotels and Airbnbs often enough that it’s a valid concern.

If you’re worried about being watched, take a Scout Hidden Camera Detector on your next trip. This handy gadget can help you hunt down hidden cameras. And you can get one or two Scouts for an extra 20% off until December 15 if you use coupon code WINTER20.

Plus, the coupon applies to any deal in our Winter Savings collection!

It’s your last chance for Deal Days prices on hidden camera detectors


Uncover the truth with this 2-pack of hidden camera detectors.
Final call for a two-pack of Scout Hidden Camera Detectors at Deal Days pricing.
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Hidden cameras are frighteningly common in travel lodgings like Airbnb or hotels, but sometimes you can’t tell if you’re being watched. That’s where the Scout Hidden Camera Detector comes in.

This point-and-shoot hidden camera detector can tell you if that mantle teddy bear is hiding something nefarious inside. For a limited time, you can get one Scout Hidden Camera Detector for $49.99. Or you could use your last chance to purchase a two-pack for the Deal Days price of $99.99.

Stay safe when traveling with this hidden camera detector


Stay safe anywhere with this hidden camera detector.
This hidden camera detector will keep you safe in hotels, Airbnbs and more.
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Did you know that hidden cameras have been discovered spying on guests in hotels, Airbnbs and public spaces? If you want to travel the world and remain sure of your safety, camera detector devices can eliminate the problem and give you total peace of mind,

The Scout Hidden Camera Detector is one of the best of these essential travel gadgets — and it’s our Deal of the Day. Usually $89, today you can grab it with a special price drop to just $69.99. And you can get a two pack for an incredibly low $79.99.

But you’ll have to be quick, as the deal ends at midnight PST on Feb. 25.