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Famed iPhone hacker explains why FBI’s backdoor request is such a bad idea


Apple shouldn't give into the FBI's demands.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

When it comes to hacking the iPhone, it’s hard to find anyone with more experience breaking into Apple’s software than Will Strafach, aka Chronic.

The legendary hacker has spent years reverse engineering each version of iOS to give jailbreakers full control of the iPhone and he’s got some very important insight into the FBI’s demands that Apple hack the iPhone. 

Mainly, don’t do it!

John McAfee offers to hack shooter’s iPhone for FBI


John McAfee at DefCon 2014.
John McAfee at DefCon 2014.
Photo: NullSession/Flickr CC

Cybersecurity legend John McAfee has sided with Apple in the company’s fight against the FBI over creating a backdoor to access the San Bernardino shooter’s locked iPhone 5c.

But just because McAfee thinks Apple shouldn’t unlock the smartphone doesn’t mean he thinks he shouldn’t do it.

In an open letter regarding Tim Cook’s decision to deny the FBI request, McAfee has offered up the services of his team of superhero hackers to unlock the iPhone — and he says it will only take them three weeks.