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iPhone 14 Pro performance whips Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra [Updated]


iPhone 14 Pro performance whips Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
The iPhone 14 Pro comes out way ahead of the Galaxy S22 Ultra in a popular cross-platform benchmark test.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Benchmark tests done on the newly announced iPhone 14 Pro show that its Apple A16 processor offers far better performance than the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip in the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

So, for another year, Apple’s flagship smartphone is much faster than Samsung’s.

Modded Android phone steals iPhone’s Lightning port


First Android phone with Lightning port
Why? Why not?
Photo: Ken Pillonel

This Samsung Galaxy A51 is almost certainly the only Android phone in the world that uses a Lightning port. That’s thanks to engineer Ken Pillonel, who hacked the handset to use Apple’s connector instead of USB-C.

The port is fully functional, with support for charging and data transfer — despite the fact that Apple designs its cables to work only with its own devices. Why go through all that effort? Well … why not?

Samsung vows to fix app throttling with software updates


Samsung Galaxy app throttling
But Samsung denies throttling regular apps.
Photo: Đức Trịnh/Unsplash

Samsung on Friday promised smartphone owners that it will release software updates that gives them more control over app throttling.

It comes after the South Korean firm was this week caught reducing performance for more than 10,000 apps and games on most of its smartphones. However, the company denies that it messed with “non-gaming” apps.

Samsung takes heat for throttling more than 10,000 apps on its phones


Samsung caught throttling apps
Fans really aren't happy.
Photo: Anh Nhat/Unsplash

Samsung is this week facing backlash from fans after it emerged that the South Korean company is throttling more than 10,000 apps on almost all its phones. It is believed a feature that cannot be disabled is to blame.

The “performance limits” have been in place for years, some reports claim. However, Samsung carefully avoids throttling popular benchmarking apps so that its devices still achieve impressive scores.

iPhone 13 whips Samsung Galaxy S22 in performance tests


iPhone 13 whips Samsung Galaxy S22 in performance tests
No doubt about it, the iPhone 13 is way faster than the Galaxy S22.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has the best chip available for an Android smartphone, but it can’t keep up with Apple’s A-series processor in the iPhone 13 series. Apple’s flagship solidly beats Samsung’s new top-tier models in benchmark tests. It isn’t even close.

And this is despite the iPhone 13 coming out months ago.

Stronger back glass is the only feature iPhone 14 should steal from Samsung S22


Stronger back glass is the only feature iPhone 14 should steal from Samsung S22
Apple should make it harder for this disaster to happen to the iPhone 14.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 series on Wednesday, and there’s not much for Apple users to be jealous of. The iPhone 13 series from 2021 is as good or better in almost every way.

But there is an exception. The latest Androids from Samsung are almost certainly less likely to break when dropped than iPhone. But the iPhone 14 can — and should — steal a feature from the S22 that will fix that.

Samsung Rising charts company’s ruthless quest to ‘beat Apple’ [Q&A]


Geoffrey Cain goes deep on one of Apple's biggest rivals in his new book, Samsung Rising.
Geoffrey Cain goes deep on one of Apple's biggest rivals in his new book, Samsung Rising.
Photo: Marion Ettlinger

Apple vs. Samsung is the modern Apple vs. Microsoft — a battle between seemingly unstoppable tech titans. In his new book, Samsung Rising, author Geoffrey Cain charts the surprising story of the South Korean electronics giant. He also reveals how a burning desire to beat Apple drove Samsung’s successful strategies.

Cain, a former reporter for Time and Fast Company, based his book on more than 400 interviews. Over the years, he spoke with top Samsung and Apple executives to gain an insider’s perspective on the battle between the two companies. In this exclusive interview with Cult of Mac, he serves up surprising insight into a tech rivalry for the ages.

D’oh! Samsung sends out accidental ‘1’ message to Galaxy users around the world


Galaxy S10+ camera
Samsung managed to send out the odd message to many users.
Photo: Samsung

Earlier today, Samsung engineers managed to send out a notification to Galaxy smartphone owners all over the world.

The notification, which simply read “1”, was reportedly sent out as part of an “internal test” of Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature. The South Korean tech giant has said it is “sorry for the inconvenience.” It’s also reassured customers that the message has “no effect” on the devices in question.

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