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Apple patents Samsung’s Galaxy Note-style radial menus for iOS


Samsung's Galaxy Note has used radial menus before. But don't worry: Apple got there first. (Picture: TechnoBuffalo)

Apple has been awarded a new patent for adding moving radial menus to both Macs and iOS devices.

The use of radial menus would give Apple an alternative to the pull-down menus currently used in most applications — allowing context-specific menus and submenus to be created at optimal positions close to a user’s mouse cursor or, in the case of an iPhone or iPad, their finger.

Samsung Really, Really Wants You To Draw On the Galaxy Note [MWC 2012]



BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — Samsung is serious about its Galaxy Note hardware, and has had a rare fit of intense product focus. The Notes are being pushed as artists’ devices. This much is obvious from the artists painting people’s portraits in the Samsung booth, and the caricatures covering every surface like a kid’s pre-school scrawlings plastered on a proud parent’s fridge door. But Samsung has also got some great developers on board.