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Apple & Foxconn Worker Abuse: “Nothing’s Changed”


Tim Cook visits Foxconn, where Apple's iMacs are traditionally assembled.
Despite a visit from Apple CEO Tim Cook, Foxconn shows little signs of improvement.

Following the Fair Labor Association’s audit into Foxconn working conditions earlier this year, which unearthed several labor violations, including unlawful working hours, poor pay, and a total disregard for health and safety, Apple and Foxconn promised to make some major improvements.

However, two months on, activists say violations “remain the norm,” and that there is no evidence of any significant changes in Foxconn’s Chinese factories.

How Foxconn Is Making Slaves Out Of Interns


Do they really love Foxconn, or were they forced to wear the shirts?

Crappy internships have become a sort of initiation process that American students subject themselves to in order to enter the workplace. Working for free for 4 months – making copies, fetching coffee, and filing paperwork – sounds like hell for a lot of American students, who love to complain about the hardships of their internships.

Well, turns out American interns have a pretty beautiful life compared to their Chinese counterparts at Foxconn who are forced into internships that resemble slave labor and are told they will not graduate unless they spend months working on the production lines.