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Women hackers push for equal-opportunity sex pics


Screengrab from CotillionGirlsComedy, YouTube
Screengrab from CotillionGirlsComedy, YouTube

“Attention, female nerds,” begins this satirical YouTube video, “learn how to hack.”

If you’re tired of all the recent news about the iCloud nude selfies hack , or finding it difficult to trust your mobile devices with your own pictures due to the inherent vulnerabilities of storing data in the cloud, these ladies have the solution.

The CotillionGirlsComedy group feels your pain, and want to encourage (straight) women everywhere to learn how to hack. Because Ryan Gosling nudes, right?

Check out this hilarious video below for some on-target social satire, including a funny bit about Pinterest, the iPad case you can have sex with, and ridiculous Grand Theft Auto mods.

Warning – this is really NSFW, even with the pixellated genitalia.

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