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Looking back on our top apps of 2022


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After careful consideration and a lengthy review of all the apps we use on a regular basis, these are some of our favorites from the year.
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With 2022 officially and fully in the rear-view, we’re all looking at how 2023 will be different. But some things don’t need to change. With that, it seemed only fair that we look back at some of the apps that made the biggest difference this past year. With so many apps to choose from, knowing the ones we (the Cult of Mac team) actually used and loved this last year may even help you nail that New Year’s resolution.

Blind Redditor pays $1,000 to have Siri read the news


I can't wait to get my hands (and ears) on Sireader. Photo:
I can't wait to get my hands (and ears) on Sireader. Photo: Philip Tennen

Want to see something neat to start off your day? How about a Siri RSS reader?

RSS readers, as most readers will be aware, are great at aggregating news headlines from a variety of different websites that get updated throughout the day. While they’re useful tools, they’re less than ideal for blind or partially sighted users, however.

With that in mind, one blind Redditor recently announced that they were posting a $1,000 bounty for any developer who could create a jailbreak tweak capable of not only keeping track of RSS feeds, but also getting Siri to read them out loud.

5 Great Replacements For Google Reader



As you may already know, Google Reader will shutdown as of July 1, so now’s the time to look for a new RSS reader. If you’re a longtime user, you may not be familiar with the other options available to you, but don’t worry — there are plenty out there, so you don’t need to go without your news.

We’ve compiled a list of the best cloud-based and local news readers around to help you find the best solution for you. Check them out below.