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Cryptozoic’s HEX: Shards Of Fate Is Now Almost A Million Dollars Funded On Kickstarter



Known for its collectible card and board game business, Cryptozoic Entertainment put its latest creation, a free-to-play digital collectible card game named HEX, up on Kickstarter with an initial goal of $300,000.

As of today, with 17 days left to go in the full fund raising time period, the project has garnered over $970,000. That’s a pretty good pledge amount right there.

HEX is being billed as an massively multiplayer online (MMO) trading card game for Mac and PC, with the deep strategic game play of a collectible card game mashed up with the social and roleplaying aspects of an MMO, all on your Mac, with dungeons, quests, story lines, advanced AI, and–of course–beautifully illustrated card decks to collect, purchase, and use to claim dominion over your opponents.

All Mac Aspyr Star Wars Titles 66 Percent Off Through Sunday


Rebel forces about to be crushed under the hoof (?) of an Imperial AT-AT.

Today is Star Wars day (for the less nerdy, here’s the punchline: “May the Fourth be with you.” Now look at the date.)

In celebration, Aspyr has drastically cut prices on all five of their ported Star Wars titles — both at the Mac App Store and at Aspyr’s own GameAgent site (though they’re slightly more expensive at the former). Two of the titles can be had for as little as $3.30 each.

More Big Borderlands 2 News: Now Quest Alongside Your PC Brothers




That’s right — along with the news today of the Hammerlock DLC release, Aspyr announced that Borderlands 2 has gone cross-platform, meaning you can now play the game online with those who own the PC version of the game.

This is a pretty big deal, since there simply aren’t nearly as many Mac players as there are on Windows machines, and forming parties with other players adds a huge chunk of fun to the hybrid RPG/first-person shooter.

Square Enix Is Bringing Final Fantasy All The Bravest To iOS Tomorrow



If you haven’t already got more Final Fantasy than you can handle on iOS, then prepare yourself for Final Fantasy All The Bravest, a new Square Enix title that’s hitting the App Store tomorrow. Already available to those in New Zealand, this is a “touch-action RPG in which you continuously battle enemies to advance through the game’s many stages.” If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, it’s likely to be another worthwhile purchase.

Meriwether, a Lewis And Clark RPG, Funded On Kickstarter, Looking For Stretch Goal Donations



It’s not often that you get to say something like “Lewis and Clark RPG,” right? Not Lois and Clark, but LEWIS and Clark, the famous explorers from American history, who did a whole lot of exploring, have a trail named after them, and will always be associated with Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who traveled with them to serve as guide and translator.

The Meriwether Kickstarter project has 50 hours to go to get as far past the initial funding goal (which it hit today) as it can to help fund even more historical awesomeness, like special outfits for Lewis that raise his stats, the addition of a Girardoni Air Rifle, an endless arcade mode, and a bizarre nightmare dreamscape extra bonus level with giant sloths and wooly mammoths.

Holy Skag Poop! Borderlands 2 Coming To The Mac in Two Weeks



Borderlands 2, one of the most anticipated games to hit consoles and the PC this year is now coming to the Mac. The fact that it’ll be available for download two months after the game saw its main release speaks volumes about the attention the Mac gaming market is beginning to get. More importantly though, it means Mac gamers can get ready to blast their pants off this holiday season.

Square Enix Says It May Reconsider Its High Prices For iOS Games


Final Fantasy III from Square Enix, originally released in 1997, currently costs $15.99 on iPhone.
Final Fantasy III from Square Enix, originally released in 1997, currently costs $15.99 on iPhone.

Square Enix has revealed that it may reconsider its pricing structure for mobile games following critical feedback from users in Western countries. While the Japanese developer is well-known among iOS users for its awesome RPGs, such as Final Fantasy and Chaos Rings, it’s also famous for its hefty price tags, which can often be as much as $18 per title.

When console-quality games are going for less then $5 these days, those prices are a big problem for some.

This Game Thinks Your Mac Is Haunted By Steve Jobs’s “Vengeful, Blood-Thirsty Spirit”


The system requirement for Dungeons of Dredmor on Steam.
The system requirement for Dungeons of Dredmor on Steam.

Dungeons of Dredmor is one of my favorite games on Steam, a funny, impish, brutal yet utterly modern entry in my favorite gaming genre, rogue-likes. It only costs $1.50 right now, which rounding down for inflation is essentially free, so you might as well buy it. It’s a great introduction to that most sadistic genre of games, the rogue-like.

But Dungeons of Dredmor’s low, low price isn’t why we’re posting. Nor is the fact that it just got a free new expansion pack full of great new monsters and skills.

No, the reason we’re posting is because of that expansion pack’s new system requirements, which will elicit either a chuckle or an outraged roar from Apple fans.

Bioware’s D&D Classic Baldur’s Gate Is Coming To iPad!


One of the best D&D games ever is heading to iPad.
One of the best D&D games ever is heading to iPad.

One of my favorite games of all time is the sprawling Advanced Dungeons & Dragons based RPG, Baldur’s Gate II. Featuring over 200+ hours of content, the game sees your character raised from a hero to a god as he takes on vampires, Beholders, dragons and drow. It’s the closest thing to a real nerds-and-basement tabletop RPG session you’ll ever have on a computer, and in the ten years since it has been released, nothing else has come close to its scope or its writing, and since all of the game’s levels were hand-painted, it still even looks pretty good.

Now Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II are coming to the iPad. Excuse me while I tear off my clothes, smear myself in vasoline and go absolutel bananas.