Rotate Groups Of Images All At Once With Preview [OS X Tips]


Rotate in Preview

Let’s face it, rotating a bunch of images can be a time or a money sink. You either have to open each image one at a time, rotate them manually, and then seave them, one at a time, or you need to purchase an image editing program like Photoshop or Fireworks. And don’t get me started on figuring out how to do this in Gimp, a free, open source image editing program.

Turns out, though, you’ve already got all you need right on your Mac. Batches of image can be rotated all at once with Preview.

Rotate Sideways Photos Sent From Other Users Directly On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]



I have this friend who loves to send me photos. Pictures of his kid, his town, stuff he finds amusing in stores, and the like (bottles of wine). Problem is, they all come in sideways. This means that the photos are smaller than my iPhone screen as well as tilted. If I tilt my iPhone to the landscape view, the photos fill the screen, but are still on their side. It’s been frustrating. Imagine my joy when I found today’s tip on rotating images right on my iPhone.