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Learn up to 25 languages with a lifetime sub to Rosetta Stone


Pay $162 and get lifetime access to Rosetta Stone to learn up to 25 languages.
Learn at your own pace with this heavily discounted lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone.
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If you’ve always wanted to learn another language, you don’t have to wait for anyone but yourself. Rosetta Stone puts high-quality lessons for 25 languages at your fingertips, and a lifetime subscription is now on sale for only $161.64 (regularly $299).

You can snag that price on this top-notch language-learning app until April 23 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific with code VACATION15.

Learn up to 24 languages with a $154 lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone


Pick up the popular Rosetta Stone language-learning app for only $145.
Prepare for future international travel with major savings on Rosetta Stone.
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If you truly want to explore the world, owning the right tools is a must. Whether your travels take you to a variety of destinations or you plan on relocating internationally, communication skills are crucial and can be built from home by using an innovative language-learning app.

During our Spring Digital Blowout, you can pick up a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone for only $153.97 (regularly $299) when you use coupon code SPRING15. That’s nearly half off the price of a proven service that has helped users understand foreign languages faster and more effectively for three decades.

You need to act fast, though, as this special price only lasts until April 3.

Score cheap flights and live like a local on your next vacation with this deal


Score cheap flights and live like a local on your next vacation with this deal.
Learn 24 languages, score cheap flights and more with this discounted vacation bundle.
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Spring is coming, so it’s time to start making exciting travel plans for summer. Whether you’re going international or sticking closer to home, the 2023 Travel Hacker Bundle can help you get the most out of your next trip.

And for a limited time, you can save an additional 15% on this bundle with coupon code TRAVEL15. That drops the price on this incredible deal to just $169.15.

Master multiple languages and unlimited new skills with this low-cost, lifetime learning bundle


Master multiple languages with a proven app included in this low-cost learning bundle.
Take advantage of limited-time low pricing on unlimited access to e-learning courses.
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Those with a curious mind can continue to expand their horizons from home thanks to e-learning options. For a limited time, we’re serving up a special offer on a package that’s primed to elevate those efforts.

Featuring highly popular language app Rosetta Stone, The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle is currently available for a fraction of its standard cost. Normally sold for nearly $1,800, this bundle pairs Rosetta Stone with StackSkills Unlimited, which is loaded with classes led by more than 350 experts, for only $149 combined.

Two days only: Learn languages, coding and more with 2022’s best deal on Rosetta Stone bundle


Two days to get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone and access 1,000+ courses on exciting new skills.
Get our best price of the year on a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited.
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You’re never really done learning. If you want to add a few new languages — and a ton of other awesome skills — to your repertoire, then check out the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Bundle.

This pack contains lifetime subscriptions to highly rated language app Rosetta Stone and wide-ranging online course from StackSkills Unlimited — all for just $126.65 with coupon code ROSETTA. You can only pick up this bestselling doorbuster deal this Thanksgiving and Black Friday — but inventory might run out even sooner than that!

You won’t find a Rosetta Stone deal like this anywhere on the web


You won’t find Rosetta Stone and this e-learning bundle for this low price anywhere else.
Learn new skills for life with this exclusive discount on Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited.
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Learning a new language is one of the greatest things you can do for your relationships, your career and even your cognitive abilities. One great way to explore these languages is with Rosetta Stone’s award-winning software.

Right now, you can get lifetime access to this language learning software, and even more online courses, for just $199.99. You won’t find this deal anywhere else online.

Not only is the mega e-learning bundle on sale during Deal Days — our version of Prime Day — but you can boost your savings further with an extra 20% off when you enter the code LEARN10NOW at checkout. That drives the price down to just $159.20.

Learn languages and get flight deals sent to your iPhone with this pro traveler bundle


Learn languages, get flight deals, and become a pro traveler from your iPhone with this bundle.
This bundle featuring Rosetta Stone can put everything a world traveler needs on your iPhone.
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Oh, the places you’ll go, especially when armed with traveling knowledge. Taking a vacation can be exciting and romantic, but it requires a ton of planning and preparation to be fun and affordable.

One way you can prepare is by learning your destination’s local language, and the World Traveler Bundle can help you get there. Featuring a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, the bundle enables you to learn up to 24 languages — plus the language of finance and flight deals to boot.

This bundle is on sale for $159.20 (regularly $1,784) with code ROSETTA20, and it might be one of the best ways to hit the road in (well-informed) style.

Open your MacBook and learn something you’ll never forget with this Rosetta Stone bundle


Learn from the comfort of your Macbook with this bundle.
This lifetime learning bundle is like a college catalog on your Mac iPhone.
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You’re only done learning when you choose to be. Sure, you might be out of school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t study something exciting and valuable. For instance, how does picking up a new language or hobby sound?

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle offers lessons in more than a thousand fun and practical topics you can access from your iPhone or MacBook, and it even comes with lifetime access to language app Rosetta Stone. For a limited time, this colossal learning bundle is on sale for $159.20 (regularly $1,794) with code ROSETTA20.

6 apps travelers love that can teach you a new language quickly


The best language learning apps for your summer travels.
Start getting ready for your summer travels right now.
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Exploring the world may feel more rewarding when you can speak the local language. With a firm grasp of the native tongue, you should be able to read and ask for practical things like directions, understand instructions and signage, and build genuine connections with folks you would never have been able to otherwise.

Simply, when you speak the local language, travel is completely transformed. Thankfully, you already have everything you need to brush up on the phrases you need for your next trip — and it’s likely right in your pocket! There’s no easier or more convenient way to learn a language than with a great language-learning app for your iPhone, iPad or other device.

So, ahead of your summer travels, here are six excellent language learning apps that are on sale right now. All you need to do is choose the best one for you and have the most fulfilling vacation ever!

Travel smart (and cheap) with this Rosetta Stone bundle


This travel bundle will have you hitting the road right.
Become a better world traveler with this awesome bundle.
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Before you start packing, every world traveler has a few things they need to figure out. Where are you going to go, how are you going to get there, and how are you going to make sure your good time is a safe time?

The World Traveler Bundle answers those questions with flight deals, language lessons and a cybersecurity course that can’t be beat.

It features a lifetime subscription to the award-winning Rosetta Stone language app. And, during the Spring Refresh Sale, you can bag this globetrotting bundle for just $169.15 (regularly $1,784). Just enter code TRAVEL20 at checkout.