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FujiFilm’s XF Lens Roadmap Shows Some Seriously Good Glass


Lenses. Come and get your lovely lenses.

If you want to buy a new zoom lens for your FujiFilm XPro-1 camera, then tough: Fujifilm says that you’ll have to wait until next year. The company has released a roadmap for its XF-series lenses and the variable focal-length lenses are almost all due in 2013.

It’s not all bad, though. Lovers of fast, fixed glass have some treats in store.

A Message To IT Leaders: You’re Not Apple’s Customer But Your Users Are



A common complaint that I heard earlier this week at the CITE conference in San Francisco was that Apple wasn’t a “real” enterprise vendor. IT professionals have whined and moaned about the fact that Apple doesn’t behave like most enterprise vendors for years (as a long time Mac and Apple IT professional myself, I’ve probably muttered under my breath about Apple’s approach to the enterprise many more times than most of the CITE attendees). What’s changed, however, is that CIOs and other IT leaders can no longer simply say “no” anytime Apple or an Apple product is mentioned.

This week, Apple even reiterated the point by dropping Apple Configurator, a completely new free tool for managing iOS devices in business. It’s a tool that offers new workflows when it comes to how businesses work with iPads (and to a lesser extent iPhones) and Apple released without telling its mobile management partners or its enterprise customers.

To all those IT folks bitching and complaining that Apple doesn’t publish 18-month roadmaps and doesn’t reach out to every enterprise months in advance of a product upgrade or cancelation, I have to say this: deal with it.