Your iPod Is Worth Over $8 Billion In Pirated Content According To RIAA [Video]



Have you heard horror stories about Sally May Blankenship who lives in Randomtown, U.S. State and got sued by the RIAA for like $17 million because she downloaded a Spice Girls album off of Shazamm? Better yet, remember SOPA, PIPA and the absurd laws being championed by Congress because they claimed piracy was costing us “$58 Billion” in lost annual income? It gets stupider: the RIAA actually claims an iPod contains $8 Billion dollars worth of intellectual property.

Just how ridiculous is that number? Rob Reid – founder of Rapsody – just gave this hilariously insightful TED Talk that reveals just how preposterous the RIAA’s claim are about piracy hurting the U.S. economy. Prepare to giggle your pants off at the RIAA and MPAA.

The RIAA Is Stamping Down Hard On ReDigi For Selling Questionable, “Used” iTunes Tracks



The Recording Industry Association of America has targeted a business called ReDigi that specializes in selling “used” iTunes tracks online. While ReDigi promises users its practice is perfectly legal, the RIAA is having none of it, and wants the company closed down.

It demands the company abandon its business and its “infringing activities,” and hands over its sales records to the RIAA. It also wants ReDigi to open its servers so that the music files held by the company cannot be exploited.