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How to Change the Scrolling Direction in Lion [OS X Tips]


Trackpad scrolling settings Lion

One of the most noticeable changes in OS X Lion is Apple’s reversal of traditional page scrolling. In Lion, Apple has adopted an iOS approach to scrolling by changing the way that the user scrolls up and down; instead of moving the window around the content, you actually move the content itself.

This method of scrolling works great when you’re on a touchscreen device like an iPhone or iPad, but a more traditional desktop experience doesn’t lend itself to what Apple calls “Natural Scrolling” in Lion.

If you’d like to go back to the old way of scrolling in Lion, here’s how to do so.

Why OS X Lion’s “Reverse Scrolling” Is Awesome & How To Use It In Snow Leopard


Screen Shot 2011-07-12 at 3.41.46 PM

OS X Lion will likely be released in the next couple days, and with it will come a big change that will affect almost everyone out there: Apple’s flipped multitouch scrolling to be more iOS-like, effectively tossing every Mac user with a multitouch device topsy-turvy.

Many people are going to hate Apple’s decision to turn the way scrolling works on its head, but here at Cult of Mac, we not only love it… we think it’s the future. But it’ll take some getting used to. Here’s our primer on how to start training yourself to use Lion’s “reverse scrolling” right now, today, under Snow Leopard.

Transform Mac OS X Snow Leopard Into Lion [Video How-To]



As the impending launch of Mac OS X Lion creeps closer and closer, it’s getting harder and harder to wait for all of the new features Apple has promised, like Launchpad and AirDrop, just to name a couple. Well, if you want to get a taste of Mac OS X Lion before it’s here, there are a few quick things you can do to transform your aging install of Snow Leopard into a Lion like experience. In this video, I’ll show you what to do.