7.9-Inch Hi-Res Displays Are Being Made In Numbers Suggesting Fall Retina iPad Mini Launch



Will the iPad mini have a Retina display this year or won’t it? The rumor cycle back and forth concerning the smaller iPad’s high-res aspirations have become frustrating to follow for anyone who has been hoping Apple will correct the sole point of criticism about its 7.9-inch offering in time for Christmas.

If you’ve had your fingers crossed (or parts beyond), good news. IHS iSuppli, one of the companies that really knows what is going on in Apple’s supply chain, says displays suitable for the Retina iPad mini are “on track” for a fall launch.

Check Out This Fantastic, Minimal Wallpaper For All Of Your Retina Apple Devices


Pixel perfection.
Pixel perfection.

Tried of staring at Apple’s default galaxy wallpaper on your brand new MacBook Pro with Retina display? Need a change of pace on your iPhone and iPad? How about a gorgeous, minimal wallpaper that’s been crafted for each of Apple’s Retina devices?

Instagram designer Tim Van Damme decided to create a multicolor wallpaper design and give it away for everyone to enjoy. “Inspired by the gorgeous screen of the new Retina MacBook Pro, I wanted to design a new wallpaper for all my Retina devices (MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad), and my 27″ Cinema Display.”

I have to say, the 2880×1800 MacBook Pro version is stunning. Head over to Tim’s Dribble account to download each wallpaper. I’m rocking them on all of my devices, and I couldn’t be happier.

Why Retina Isn’t Enough [Feature]


The new Retina MacBook Pros are only Apple's first step towards the living paper display of the future.
The new Retina MacBook Pros are only Apple's first step towards the living display of the future.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro follows the fine tradition of the iPhone 4 and third-gen iPad in that it has a super high-resolution Retina display: a 2880 x 1800 panel with an amazing 220 pixels packed in per inch.

It’s an incredible display. In fact, it’s such an incredible display that it actually has about one million, seven hundred thousand pixels more than it needs to satisfy Apple’s definition of Retina, leading some to claim that those pixels are all going to waste.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Apple’s new MacBook Pros have absolutely great displays, but they need every single pixel they have, because the truth of the matter is that Apple’s got a long way to go before it catches its display tech up to the incredible power of human vision. And that’s a good thing, because it means we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

This New Japanese Tech Could Give Future iPhones 651PPI “Super-Retina” Displays


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The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S’s Retina Displays are already ludicrously pixel packed at 326 ppi, but even so, that’s only enough pixels to make it so that the human eye can’t resolve them when the phone is held twelve inches away from your face.

Apple can do better, and maybe someday they will, thanks to Japan Display’s new technology which squeeze 651 pixels per inch into an LCD screen. Their latest display has a resolution of 1280 x 800, the same as the existing 13-inch MacBook Pro, but is only 2.3 inches across.

That’s just one ppi from a true pixel doubling, which Apple has done for iOS devices to maintain backwards compatibility amongst apps and UI elements. If Apple picked this technology up, they’d finally have a display that was “retina” in the truest sense of the term… albeit, at four times the impact on the GPU.

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