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Outdoor Tech Jumps on the Bluetooth Headphone Bandwagon With The ‘Tuis’




By now, the only folks worried they don’t have enough choices when buying a new pair of Bluetooth headphones must be the same folks who worry that this place doesn’t have enough of a beer selection.

The newest newcomer (Bluetooth headphones, not beer) is Outdoor Tech’s spartan-looking Tuis, which we’re assuming means “Bluetooth” in Esperanto.

Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad: Good for Movies, Bad for Music [Review]



The iPad makes an almost perfect portable media player; big, bright screen, great interface and a speedy processor. Wahay. Problem is, it’s hard to jam a decent speaker, let alone two, into that svelte aluminum shell — the result is sound from anemic speaker with volume that won’t top a moderately loud tea party.

Luckily there’s no shortage of auxiliary speakers available, and Logitech’s Tablet Speaker for iPad ($50) is one of the simplest, least expensive and most portable.

2Phone Case for iPhone 4 Gives You an Additional SIM Slot




The new 2Phone case for the iPhone 4 from Rebelsimcard.com features a SIM card slot that enables you to install and use an additional SIM card with your device. Both SIMs will work simultaneously, so there’s no need to switch back and forth – enabling you to make and receive calls on 2 different lines, with two different carriers.

The $250 2Phone case actually looks pretty good, and also features a 800mAH rechargeable battery that provides your iPhone with some extra juice when you need it.