Digital Negative For iPhone Is As RAW As It Can Get



Digital Negative is a new iPhone app which promises to save photos in Adobe’s DNG format. That is, it promises RAW images from your iPhone’s sensor. Leaving aside the debate of whether or not this is a good idea (more on that in a second), can an App Store app really get access to the raw, unprocessed data from the sensor? The answer is no, but to the developer’s credit, it goes just about as far as is possible.

PureShot Squeezes Every Last Drop Of Quality From Your iPhone’s Camera



I have far too many photo apps on my iPhone and iPad, but I only ever use one of them to shoot pictures – the built-in camera app. Why? Because it is fast and good. It captures the best the sensor has to offer, and it is accessible right from the lock screen.

But there is a new app which might tempt me away. It’s called PureShot, and it is pretty great.

New Kickstarter Game Project, RAW, Says That Casual Gamers Need Hardcore Games, Too



Two-man Detour Games wants to give the casual crowd a hardcore game, with RAW, a game currently in development. It will hopefully get funded as a Kickstarter project, too.

RAW will be a 2D action platformer/runner on rails for Android, OUYA, and desktop computers, and hopefully on iOS as well, if the project meets its stretch goals. In it, a cyborg juggernaut named RAW must keep running to stay charged up.

Give Your iPhone 5 Or MacBook Danish Mid-Century Chic With RAW’s Beautiful Leather & Wood Skins



One of the consequences of the iPhone 5’s streamlined, ultra-thin design is that you can no longer just pop off the backplate of the device and replace it. That means no more Don-Draper-esque teak backs or glowing Apple logos or anything else that you could do to deeply personalize your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

So what do you do if you want to customize your iPhone 5 without having to slap a bulky case on it? You skin it. And RAW out of Brooklyn is making some of the best custom skins for the iPhone 5 around out of quality leather and wood grain to give your handset a classier look.

Canon 7D Firmware Update Turns It Into A New Camera


It might look the same on the outside, but inside this Canon 7D is almost a different camera.



Remember the bad old days of the iPod? Apple would release a new model with a bunch of new features, and the old model – while capable of running the new software – would be left out in the cold. It was obviously a cynical scheme to make you upgrade your perfectly good music player early, but it worked.

So it is with cameras. Firmware upgrade are almost always limited to small bug fixes. The latest 7D update, though, is huge, and almost gives owners a brand new camera.

645 Pro Takes The Best iPhone Photos You Have Ever Seen [Review]



645 Pro bills itself as an app which will turn your iPhone into a DSLR. At first glance, it seems like this has been achieved by mimicking the buttons and LCD panel of a modern SLR, and to an extent that’s true. But the real meat here is under the hood: 645 Pro shoots uncompressed JPEGs and TIFFs, and gives the closest that we’re likely to see to RAW images from the iPhone’s camera.

Shoot ‘RAW’ Photos On The iPhone With 645 PRO


This busy interface may hold a high-quality camera app

645 Pro is a new app that claims to shoot RAW images with your iPhone. It also offers control over almost every aspect of photo-taking, and comes on like an app that turns your iPhone into a DSLR. But let’s get back to that RAW business, which we all know is impossible.

Apple Updates RAW To Support Nikon D4 And Others


Apple has updated its RAW renderer to pamper your fancy new camera
Apple has updated its RAW renderer to pamper your fancy new camera

Apple has updated its RAW image engine for the Mac to add compatibility for a swathe of new cameras. As ever with these updates, the cameras are all pretty high end — they shoot RAW after all. So if you have managed to get your hands on Nikon’s $6,000 D4 already and are itching to try it out in iPhoto or Aperture, then hit software update now.

Digital Bolex Camera: RAW Movies For Just $2,500



If you want to take great photos that you can play around with later, you shoot RAW. And if you want to take great video, ready for the kind of post-processing punishment exacted on it by adding visual effects, you also shoot RAW.

However, while you can get a RAW-shooting stills camera for under $500, a RAW-capable video camera is professional only, running to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Until now. Joe Rubinstein will sell you a Digital Bolex for just $2,500. In the movie world, that’s like finding a Nikon D4 in your cereal box.