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Get 9 Top Apps With The Mac Variety Bundle 2.0 [Deals]


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We’re all busy people, but around this time of year that level of “busy-ness” seems to increase exponentially. We seem to have less hours in the day, and that means we need to make the most out of each and every minute. And your Mac can help you do that – with the right apps in place, that is.

There’s no better opportunity than now to start building your software stack than with today’s Cult of Mac Deals offer. The Mac Variety Bundle 2.0 from Macbundler includes 9 top Mac apps valued at $527 for the amazingly low price of just $45! That’s a savings of 91%!

Ending Soon! RapidWeaver Creates Powerful And Beautiful Websites [Deals]


CoM  - RapidWeaver 5

Not everyone wants to code.

Whether that’s because of time constraints or simply because of a lack of interest, it’s a fact that coding isn’t going to be on everyone’s agenda. But what if you want to build a powerful and beautiful website without having to have some coding knowledge? This is where this Cult of Mac Deals offer comes to the rescue.

We’re offering RapidWeaver 5 – which can do exactly what you’re looking for – for just $49! And we’re throwing in the Nobility Theme for good measure, meaning that your newly built website will look great as soon as you publish it.

RapidWeaver, Powerful, Simple WYSIWYG HTML Editing [Deals]



There are times, believe it or not, that you just need a basic web page (or site), and using WordPress is just getting in the way. Maybe you need to layout a table in HTML. Maybe you just need a splash page as a place holder. Regardless of the why, the need is clear and you need an app to make it happen.

Oh, sure, you can code by hand. You know how to code complex tables by hand and maybe toss in some in-line CSS too, right? Right, neither do I. That’s why I have a copy of RapidWeaver. Yeah I got it years ago (in an app bundle) and I’ve installed it, deleted it, and reinstalled it several times now (I’ve finally wised up and I’m not deleting it again). Why? Like I said above, sometimes you just need a solid WYSIWYG HTML editor—Create Powerful Websites With RapidWeaver 5: Build Beautiful Websites & Get Realmac’s Nobility Theme to Get You Started.

How-To Replace MobileMe Features That Apple Discontinued In iCloud [Feature]


MobileMe will be gone in less than a month. Here are the best MobileMe replacement options.
Photo: Apple

Apple began sending out MobileMe eviction notices last week. The notices remind anyone still using MobileMe that they have until the end of June to transition to iCloud and/or copy all data stored in their MobileMe accounts to their Mac or PC. Any files stored in MobileMe’s range of services that can’t be converted to iCloud will be deleted. If you opt not to use iCloud, all data in your MobileMe account will be deleted.

Although iCloud offers several advances over MobileMe, there are some MobileMe services that don’t have direct iCloud equivalents. These include MobileMe Galleries for sharing photos and videos, website creation using Apple’s iWeb, and iDisk remote storage and file sharing. File and information sync is available using iCloud, but the functionality is implemented a bit differently than in MobileMe.

There isn’t a single online service that delivers quite the same mix of features and functionality that Apple offered with MobileMe but by combining some apps and services, you can get pretty close to MobileMe’s feature set.

Three Popular Applications That Can Replace iWeb & Another Takes You To The Next Level



If the rumors are true then iWeb will go away along with MobileMe in 2012, but luckily for you there is plenty of time to look for alternative applications. Giles Turnbull offered up a few ideas on What To Do With Your iWeb Site that you should take a look at if you haven’t. I’d like to add to his advice by recommending four popular desktop web design applications that run on Mac OS X.