Mastering iTunes: Customize What You See In The Sidebar [OS X Tips]


iTunes Prefs

If you’ve only recently upgraded to iTunes 11, you might be wondering where some of the features you relied on are? If you’re looking for Podcasts or Radio in the Sidebar, you might not see them right off. Luckily, the fix is fairly easy, and it’s also a great way to customize what you do see there, letting you get rid of things like iTunes U, Ringtones, and other stuff that you may not even have an interest in.

Here’s how.

Spotify For iOS Gets Playlist Sorting & Improvements In Latest Update


Spotify's latest update brings a
Spotify's latest update brings a "friendlier" login screen to iPhone.

Hidden Radio Bluetooth Speaker (Almost) Finally Revealed


The Hidden Radio speaker is like one giant volume knob.

Hidden Radio, a Bluetooth speaker and radio so minimalist it makes a sheet of blank paper look like something from a Jules Verne story, has finally emerged from a lengthy Kickstarter pupation to go on sale in a web store near you.

It’s stylish, it’s loud and it lasts longer than most other Bluetooth speakers around. What’s not to like?

CloudPlay Puts Music From iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud & More In Your Mac’s Menu Bar


All the music you can listen to just a click away.
All the music you can listen to just a click away.

I listen to music from a number of places while I’m working. Most of the time it comes from Spotify, but I’ll also call on albums or songs I’ve purchased from iTunes, or check out songs Spotify doesn’t have on YouTube. It’s kind of a pain switching between the three, but there’s never been a better solution.

Until now. Meet CloudPlay, a fantastic little app that sits in your Mac’s menu bar and pulls music from all kinds of sources, including iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Internet radio stations.

Stitcher Radio Introduces Smart Station For Android And iOS



On-demand news radio service, Stitcher Radio, dropped a nice update in the laps of Android and iOS users today. Starting today, Stitcher Radio will follow in the footsteps of services such as Pandora or iTunes Genius, by providing personalized recommendations based on your listening activity. This new feature has been dubbed “Smart Station” and claims to be a first for talk radio.