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Judge slams ‘dumb’ FCC in iPhone radiation lawsuit; case moves to trial


The FCC is currently shut down.
A California judge whacks the FCC with a ruler over its testing standards for radiofrequency radiation, but says the case will continue.
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U.S. District Judge William Alsup allowed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Apple over allegedly exposing iPhone owners to high levels of radiofrequency radiation to move forward Thursday. However, the judge also blasted the Federal Communications Commission for its “dumb” testing standards.

No, 5G won’t give you brain cancer


Stingrays mimic cell towers, and are used by both criminals and police.
Don’t believe the bad science telling you cell towers give you cancer.
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People warning of horrible health effects of 5G wireless networks aren’t hard to find. But it turns out their claims are based on a mistake made by a scientist decades ago.

Still, this claim lives on — and is even being spread by Russian trolls.

iPhone 4S Reportedly Emits 3X The Amount Of Radiation As The Samsung Galaxy S III



I bet you didn’t consider this feature when deciding between an iPhone 4S and an Android device such as the Galaxy S III. The company behind the radiation measurement app Tawkon has released a semi-disturbing infograph (which can be found at the bottom of this post) detailing the SAR (a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to a radio frequency(RF) electromagnetic field) score of various popular smartphones.

Boost 3G Speeds And Reduce Harmful Radiation With This iPad Case From Pong



Ever noticed that slapping a case on your iPad somewhat restricts its 3G signal? That’s because your iPad is equipped with a clever proximity sensor that reduces the power of its 3G sensor by as much as 75% when it detects your device is close to your body, thereby reducing your exposure to harmful radiation.

Unfortunately the sensor isn’t clever enough to work out the difference between your body and a protective case, so as soon as it comes into contact with a case its 3G signal is restricted. However, this particular case from Pong Research not only prevents your iPad from limiting its 3G signal — giving you faster, more reliable data — but it also redistributes its radiation away from your body.

Scosche Launches iPhone, iPod Radiation Tester


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After the Fukushima disaster, bogus radiation testing apps abounded – now Scosche has launched what it’s calling a true pocket radiation tester for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The portable radiation sniffer called  RDTX-PRO, priced at $350, might cost more than your device, but it looks like it’s a hit. Launched yesterday, at this writing it’s already out of stock on the company website.