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Use Quick Look With Multiple Files, Impress Your Geeky Mac Friends [OS X Tips]


Quick Look and Multiple Files

You’ve used Quick Look a lot, right? I know I have. I’ve use it a ton to browse through bunches of images on my Desktop when trying to decide which Screenshot I want to put at the top of these OS X tips.

But there’s much more you can do with multiple files and Quick Look, including a sweet index view that I just found out about myself. Follow along at home, and I’ll show you how.

Use Quick Look Directly In Mountain Lion’s Messages App [OS X Tips]


QuickLook In Messages

It used to be that in order to see images sent along to you in iChat, you’d open up the File Transfers window, click on the graphic, and hit the spacebar on your keyboard to see the image full size, just like you can in the Finder or Open/Save dialogs.

If you’ve migrated to Mountain Lion, however, you’ll know that iChat is no longer, and the replacement app, Messages, has a File Transfers window, but Quick Look won’t work in it any more. How do you see your images full size within the Messages app, then? Lucky you, we’re here to tell you.

Top 10 Tips Of A Mac Master [OS X Tips]



If you’ve written a book full of Mac tips, as I have, it’s inevitable people ask what my favourite tips are. So here they are, for one-time only—the top 10 tricks I use every day. They’re not all barnstormers, and they’re not guaranteed to be mind-blowing. They’re just the little things I do to make life easier and more efficient when I’m using my Mac. Please share your own in the comments!