Netflix now gives you control over video quality on iOS


Netflix iPhone
Want HD over data? Now you can!
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

After throttling our video quality automatically to ensure we didn’t burn through our data in two episodes of Breaking Bad, Netflix is finally giving users control over the video quality they get when using a data connection.

The latest version of its iOS app adds four playback options — plus handy 3D Touch shortcuts that make it faster to access content from the home screen.

Pro Tip: Get higher quality exports from Photos app


Photos app does some things differently than iPhoto did.
Photos app does some things differently than iPhoto did.
Photo: Apple

Pro Tip Cult of Mac bugAs a long-time iPhotos user, I’ve taken my sweet time getting to know the new Photos app on OS X – it’s got a few differences in the way it does stuff.

One of the new subtleties of Photos is how it treats exporting your pictures. There are two ways to get your images out of the Photos app, one that will give you a smaller file, and one that will preserve the higher resolution, original photo.

Here’s how to make sure you’re exporting your photos at the quality you want.