Pyro Jump Will Make You Want To Slap Its Adorable Face [Review]


Pyro Jump

Love is difficult sometimes.

Pyro Jump by Pinpin Team
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: Free

You’ve seen it: the unrequited, the ill-matched, the people who just never should have met in the first place. People who are so much opposite that you wonder why they don’t just murder each other. Alright, that last one is a bit extreme. Actually, it isn’t. I know some people.

Anyway, Pyro Jump is about a flame who is in love with a paper doll, and he will overcome any obstacle, jump any gap, and avoid any spike that stands between him and his cherished one.

She’s not too into it for obvious reasons, but the game’s fun. When I don’t hate it.