Manage projects of any size with Project Planning Pro for Mac


Project Planning Pro
Project Planning Pro is a great tool for keeping your projects on track.
Photo: i2e Consulting

Manage Your Project Like A Pro For Free (For Now) On Your iPad [iOS Tips]


Planning Pro for iPad

UPDATE: In an email from the developer after this posted, it was made clear that the FREE app is only able to manage one project. In order to utilize the full power of this project management app, you’ll need to purchase the “full” version for an in-app pice of $8.99 “currently.”

In response to our feature article about project management apps on iOS, developer i2e Consulting emailed me to ask if we’d write about its own project planning app, Project Management Pro. While I’m not reviewing the app, the quick look I had at it made me want to pass the tip along to you, especially as the app is free as of today.