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Twitter begins censoring profiles that post ‘sensitive’ content


Will Facebook and Instagram follow suit?
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As part of its ongoing effort to make micro-blogging a less offensive experience, Twitter has begun censoring profiles that post “potentially sensitive” content.

Users that publish offensive tweets and images will have their profiles grayed out, forcing visitors to push a button to see censored content.

Cole Rise on Instagram fame and creating Litely, the hottest new photography app


Cole Rise

Cole Rise has nearly one million followers on Instagram and the hottest new photography app in the App Store. He also made seven of Instagram’s built-in filters, which explains where the name for the “Rise” filter originates.

His app, Litely, is less than a month old with over 3 million downloads. Considering he was one of the first 100 people on Instagram, he really gets mobile photography and where it’s headed. During our conversation, Rise goes behind the scenes of Litely’s development, shares his influence on Instagram during its early days, and gives some great advice on how to take better pictures.

Reuters: Apple CEO Tim Cook May Be Kinder, Gentler, But Can Still Skewer Employees With A Sentence



In a new profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook, Reuters spends time painting the two-year veteran of Cupertino’s top spot as deft, methodical, and tough. While he has earned a reputation as more of a delegator and less of a diva than Jobs was, the sources in the article say that he is still a focused CEO who expects results.

A person familiar with Tim Cook’s meeting style said “He could skewer you with a sentence. He would say something along the lines of ‘I don’t think that’s good enough’ and that would be the end of it and you would just want to crawl into a hole and die.”

Not bad for a CEO whose own board is deeply concerned.

Facebook Recruits Apple’s Former iWeb, Numbers Design Engineer


One user interface designer has swapped Cupertino for Menlo Park.
One user interface designer has swapped Cupertino for Menlo Park.

We often hear stories about Apple luring talented individuals away from rival companies over to its Cupertino campus. But sometimes it works the other way around. Facebook has installed a new Product Design Manager, Chris Weeldreyer, who previously worked as an Apple user interface design engineer.

Quickly Add Missing Contact Info To Your Address Book By Syncing Contacts With Facebook [iOS Tip]



Adding contact information to your phone can be a tedious task, especially with devices like the iPhone, which allow you to add a whole lot more than just a name and a phone number. But there is one quick and easy way to add missing information to your address book without even touching your device’s virtual keyboard: Syncing your contacts with Facebook.

If you’re a Facebook user — and who isn’t these days? — and you have the official Facebook app installed on your device, you can add birthdays, URLs, and even photos to your address book in just a few taps.