This iPhone 4S Battery Case Also Projects An Interactive Infrared Keyboard On Any Surface [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – Texting on the iPhone’s 3.5-inch touchscreen is about as good as you can expect, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to fit a full-size keyboard in there for good measure?

Celluon thinks there’s a way to do just that with the Prodigy, a Juice Pack-style battery case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s with one interesting trick up its sleeve: it can project an interactive infrared keyboard onto any flat surface.

In theory, this means effortless typing as long as you can prop your iPhone up on a table or desk. The reality, though? Stick to texting.

Winning “Snore Wars” with an iPhone, iPod Touch Adjustable Bed?



A new adjustable bed called the Prodigy claims it can end nocturnal snore wars, thanks to iPhone, iPod touch capabilities.

Prodigy debuted recently at the Las Vegas Furniture Market, though in the only image I was able to find (from the product sheet .pdf) it looks like geriatric central, makers Leggett & Platt say outright  it “is not your grandparent’s adjustable bed.”

Some of the new features aimed at stopping bedroom tiffs:

*One-touch, anti-snore technology allows annoyed awake user to change the position of a snoring partner by seven degrees to open nasal passages, which can alleviate mild to moderate snoring. After thirty minutes, the bed gently returns snoring perpetrator  to the original sleep position.

*A  gentle-wake alarm system that softly massages the sleeper awake. Because Prodigy can work on dual twin mattresses, each sleeper can be awakened individually, perfect for couples who can’t agree on a common wake time or a unified snooze-button strategy.

All this controlled from your iPhone or iPod touch. No word on pricing; makers are taking pre-orders up to May 2009.

Of course, it would mean having to give up on the liberating swift kick or annoyed shove, but perhaps one could get used to it.

Via sleepinformation