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Real prints come to life with this app and printer


Point your phone at a LifePrint print and watch the moment in motion.
Point your phone at a LifePrint print and watch the moment in motion.
Photo: LifePrint

The newspaper that covers the wizarding world of Harry Potter publishes photos that move on the page. For us Muggles, there’s LifePrint, a pocket-sized printer that brings a similar magical to our still photos.

The LifePrint device lets you embed a video inside a printed photograph, using augmented reality and requiring the viewer to point their smartphone at the picture to bring it to life.

This Insanely Great History Of Mac Print Is The Perfect $20 Holiday Gift For Your Favorite Apple Die-Hard



Looking for a nice Christmas gift for the Apple diehard in your life? Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab’s latest print, The Insanely Great History of Apple, gorgeously maps out the complete history of Apple products over the course of the last thirty years: from the original Apple I to the MacBook Air, from the Newton to the iPhone 4S.

Printed on 100 lb. archival stock certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the first 500 copies are signed by the artists. Even better, the price is right: The Insanely Great History of Apple is a hell of a deal at just $20 a print.

You can grab the poster over at PopChart Lab, where you can also see a blown-up, zoomed-in version of the design. Want.