The Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Deals For Apple Fans [Holiday Shopping Guide]



Editor’s Note: We will be updating this post with more deals as we find them, so make sure to check back later. Also, if you see a deal we missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it!

Here we go again – the big retailers are starting to preview their Black Friday sales to whip us all into a frenzy. Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart, so far, have stepped up early to let potential shoppers know what, exactly, they can expect to find at each respective online or brick and mortar store this holiday season. Here’s what’s in store (pun totally intended) for you. We’ve also started rounding up the online store specials for this most festive retail season of the year, as well.

Amazon Drops Price Of ‘2010’ Apple TV; Is A 2011 Upgrade Coming For Black Friday?



Great spot by 9to5Mac: Amazon just dropped the price of the Apple TV by $10 to just $89.99; they’ve also rechristened it the ‘2010’ model.

Could Amazon know something the rest of us poor suckers don’t? Is an updated 2011 Apple TV incoming in time for Black Friday? If so, don’t expect much besides a bump to an A5 chip: if Apple were to, say, bring Siri to the Apple TV, they’d definitely make a big fuss over it in an event.

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