WhatsApp is bringing media previews to iOS notifications


WhatsApp on iOS
WhatsApp users have been waiting for better notifications.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

WhatsApp notifications on iOS are about to get a lot more useful.

The popular messaging service is now testing media previews that let users view images and even animated GIFs before opening a message. Today’s update has also added the ability to use Siri to send messages to groups.

Grain Audio’s Upcoming PWS Bluetooth Speaker Is Worth Getting Excited About [Preview]



Last week, three earnest audiophiles rang my doorbell and stormed into my living room to show me a handsome Bluetooth speaker that they claimed was going to reinvent the world of Jambox-alikes and transform Bluetooth speakers into “objects of desire.”

The guys in question? Three gents from Grain Audio, an up-and-coming audio company. And the product they wanted to show me was a prototype of their upcoming Packable Wireless System, or PWS: a walnut-enclosed Bluetooth speaker with some seriously good sound for its class.

The PWS won’t be available for sale for a few months, still, but it’s a speaker worth keeping an eye on. Here’s why.

See More Emails At Once On Your iPhone Screen [iOS Tips]


You'll choose None if you're cool like us.
You'll choose None if you're cool like us.

It sure is great to be able to see the first few lines of emails as they come in on the iPhone, but it’s equally helpful to see more subject headers on the screen at one time. The more emails I can see at once, the more I can ignore, focusing more closely on emails that look promising.

iOS allows you to change the number of emails up on the screen at one time with a simple trip to the Settings app on your iPhone and iPod touch. It’ll even work on your iPad, but that may not be as important as it is on a much smaller screen.