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Learn How to Use Keynote for Your Startup For FREE [Deals]


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If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make mockups, prototypes, sales videos, cartoons and more to help you communicate your dream to the world, then Cult of Mac Deals has something for you. It’s a course that will teach you how to use Apple’s Keynote to help lift your message about your startup to new heights. When you’ve completed this course you’ll have actionable steps on how to get the most out of that amazingly effective piece of software.

And – as a token of our appreciation – we’re giving it to you for free.

Samsung’s Galaxy Beam Has Great Business Potential But Some Competition



Although Android has an overall lead over iOS in smartphone marketshare, there are IT departments that remain hesitant on the platform. Unlike the iPad and iPhone, which are beginning to be seen to be as business tools rather than consumer-oriented entertainment devices, most Android phones have yet to prove that they offer a business feature that can’t be found on other platforms. Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy Beam smartphone may be the first Android phone to solidly offer something powerful and unique for business users.

The Galaxy Beam is Samsung’s new handset that includes a 15-lumen pico projector. Although Samsung’s press release for the phone offering a lot of personal entertainment uses, this is a device that has clear business potential.

Mountain Lion And AirPlay Will Make The Apple TV A Great Business Tool



AirPlay Mirroring is one of the iOS features that Apple is bringing to the Mac in Mountain Lion. It’s a feature that offers a lot of potential for mobile professionals and educators in addition to being a great supplement to a family’s living room.

AirPlay Mirroring works the second generation Apple TV. The Apple TV itself as a small and easy to carry device that can plug into any HDTV or modern projector. That simple setup combined with a Mac running Mountain Lion makes for a perfect portable presentation solution.