Pad&Quill Author Series, Customize Your Own iPad Air Case


Lovers of bookbindery cases who find beautiful plain leather covers a little boring can now tweak their Pad&Quill iPad Air cases with any number of fancy patterns. The highly-protective, last-forever cases can now be customized to order on the P&Q store, letting you obsess over such options as the delicious-sounding “Gold Metallic on French Roast,” and the distinctly 1980s-style " Chevron on Gray Linen.

Pad&Quill’s Little Pocket Book For iPhone 5



The iPhone isn’t the only thing that looks more handsome when it gets taller and thinner. Bookbindery cases get better looking too, as you can see with event he quickest glance and Pad&Quill’s new Little Pocket Book. Stretched lengthwise and squashed a little depth-wise, it’s “thinnest we have ever made,” says P&Q honcho Brian Holmes.