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A Mac mini, a PC and a G4 walk into a podcasting primer … [Setups]


See the G4 peeking out from under the desk? Ah, nostalgia.
See the G4 peeking out from under the desk? Ah, nostalgia.
Photo: omgaporksword@Reddit

It sounds like the setup to a punchline: A strapping young Mac mini, a yoked gaming PC and an elderly Power Mac G4 walk into a podcasting primer. Then what happens?

Well, if we’re talking about Redditor omgaporksword’s recent setup post, you learn a few OS-switching tricks, share some old-school Mac nostalgia and see how to position your USB microphone using a boom arm.

There is no punchline and there are no laughs. But please, people. Not everything is about humor. Except maybe omgaporksword’s Reddit handle.

Shaken, but a little stirred: Designer revamps G4 tower into McMartini cocktail cabinet


A total show piece: The Power Mac G4 cocktail cabinet known as the McMartini.
A G4 tower show piece.
Photo: James Burde

When a Mac runs its course, most of us would sell it, dump it, or bury it in the attic. Not James Burde.

As a designer and architect at Teiki Design Studio in Vermont east of Burlington, Burde spent his spare time transforming an old Power Mac G4 tower into a cocktail cabinet, aptly named the McMartini.

“It was a flash of inspiration,” Burde told Cult of Mac. “I wanted it to be a gift for my brother and hand it over to him and he’s been using it now.”