What Do You Think Apple Will Unveil At Today’s iPhone Event? [Reader Poll]


We’ve got just under three and a half hours to go until Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event kicks off (which of course we’ll be covering live). In the mean time, here’s your chance to sound off: what do you expect to see Apple announce today? If you don’t see our answer on your poll, hit the comments and fill us in with your best predictions.

Is The Kindle Fire A Real Competitor To Apple’s iPad? [Reader Poll]



Yesterday, Amazon announced what is likely the first and only true alternative to the iPad in the Kindle Fire, a $199 Android-based tablet smartly tied into Android rich cloud ecosystem of games, apps, books and video on demand.

No matter how you slice it, the Kindle Fire is the first tablet to really understand that most of what makes a mobile device isn’t just hardware or an off-the-shelf operating system, but a library of easily-accessed contents. It’s not just the apps, it’s the movies, it’s the music, it’s the magazines, it’s the ebooks. And Amazon is going to provide these things for $300 less than Apple does.

So now that all the dust has settled, we want to know what you think: does Apple have anything to worry about from the Kindle Fire, or is this less a fire than a bunch of smoke?

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Let us know your answer in our poll after the jump, and feel free to expand upon them in the comments.

UK Facebook Users Love Their iPods More Than Their Wedding Rings or Pets



What’s more important to you? Your iPod… or your wedding ring? Your iPhone… or your dog? A new survey conducted by a company called Protect Your Bubble has found that, in the UK at least, most people would be less willing to give up their Apple products than any other possession.

By a significant margin, the iPod beat out other objects as Facebook respondents’ favorite things, with 12% of respondents reporting it as their most cherished possession. 11.5% valued their Blackberry over all other wares, while Apple’s iPhone crept in at 10%.

Comparatively, only 9% of respondents chose their laptop, another 9% dog, 5% their cat, 4% their car and a mere 1% their wedding ring. It appears that more people in the UK these days are married to Apple than they are to their spouse.