Senator John McCain: Apple Is Cheating The U.S.A. In Taxes



Senator John McCain just laid out his case against Apple in Washington D.C. in a Senate hearing about Apple’s tax rates, and he’s out for blood.

According to McCain, although 95% of Apple’s research and development happens in the USA, they funnel most of their profits through overseas entities that are not tax residents in any country in the world.

Ireland is a big target for McCain here. Ireland has long had liberal tax policies in an attempt to attract foreign companies, but McCain says that Apple paid less than $10 million in taxes on $22 billion in earnings in Ireland, a tax rate of less than 1.20th of 1%.

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Fight To The Death Infinity Blade-Style In This iOS Game


Who would win?
Who would win?

The 2012 U.S. presidential election is only months away. Leading up to election day, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will continue debating one another and fervently addressing the “issues’ in passionate speeches and ad spots.

Obama and Romney go head-to-head in a new iOS game developed by the makers of Infinity Blade, and well, you get the idea.

Official Mitt Romney Photo App Can’t Spell “America”


Yes folks. I'm with Mott.
Yes folks. I'm with Mott.

Matt Rimney’s campaign has released an official photo app with a text template that reads “A Better Amercia.” Ooops.

The app comes with a bunch of text overlays (the others, you’ll be pleased to hear, with correct spellings throughout) that you can add to photos of – well, anything you consider suitably Republican and Presidential. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

It’s not even a very good app. The image you line up in your viewfinder gets shifted down considerably when the overlay is applied, so don’t bother with careful composition.

Oh, and take note of the terms of use: “By using this application, you may be placed on Romney for President Inc’s contact list.”

You know what to do, people of Amercia! Show Mutt Rumnoy your support! Some folks have already started.

In 1991, The FBI Investigated Steve Jobs’s Reality Distortion Field For George Bush



Back in 1991, according to a recently released FBI file on Apple’s iconic founder, Steve Jobs was considered for a sensitive position in the Bush Administration.

The file is quite long, and we’re reading through it now. But one thing that the file immediately makes clear is that even the FBI knew about Steve Jobs’s patented reality distortion field! In fact, it’s directly referenced in their file on more than one occasion.

Almost All Of Your iPhone Was Made In America



If you’ve been paying any attention to the Presidential Primaries lately, you’ll know that the number of iPhones China makes is a big issue this year. Why are we sending so many “great” jobs to China to build America’s most iconic tech product when unemployment is such a big problem?

Well, Foxconn may employ tens of thousands of Chinese laborers to build the iPhone, but the vast majority of the labor costs associated with making an iPhone is spent right here in the States. In fact, only $10 per iPhone goes to paying workers abroad.

Aussie Politicos Demand iPads, IT ‘Headaches’ Ensue



Parliamentarians in Western Australia demanded a trial of Apple’s tablet computer, waging the kind of epic battle between users and the IT department that happens in companies around the globe.

The lawmakers it so badly 15 of them threatened “industrial action” if iPads were not allowed on the list of devices for their laptop allowance after being told by the ICT gurus that the device did not yet meet existing IT infrastructure or security standards.