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Put a full audio studio in your pocket for just $159 with this tiny gadget


Audio Studio
This compact and convenient audio gadget earns top ratings on Amazon.
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With the explosion of TikTok and the surging popularity of podcasting, innovative gear is making life easier for creators who are constantly on the go. Just the size of a matchbox, the AudioWow wireless audio studio is small enough to take with you anywhere. But it offers studio-quality sound capabilities — and costs just $159.

Score 4 essential elements for starting your own podcast [Deals]


Scoop up some heavily discounted podcast gear and lessons.
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Podcasting is well-established as a premier new medium. But it’s still a wide-open frontier, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make your mark on the podcasting landscape. If you’re just getting started, or already creating content and want to boost your toolkit, this roundup of four podcasting essentials is for you.

All the gear and podcasting pro tips I use to make The CultCast


I've spent seven years testing podcasting gear. Here are my current favorites, including the RodeCaster Pro. Plus, get some bonus podcasting tips.
I've spent seven years testing podcasting gear. Here are my current favorites (plus some bonus podcasting pro tips).
Photo: Erfon Elijah

Hello, my name is Erfon Elijah, and for the last seven years, I’ve hosted The CultCast, America’s favorite Apple podcast™. In that time I’ve tried a whole lot of podcasting gear, all in an effort to sound better and make the show easier to produce.

Now, I’m offering you the fruit of all that hands-on experience — the end result of years of podcasting hardware testing and tinkering. Good audio gear doesn’t come cheap, but I think I’ve found a great mix of value and quality in the products I use. If you utilize these podcasting hardware recommendations and podcasting tips, you won’t break the bank. And your podcast will sound as majestic as mine!

Best List: Shure MV51 is a tough, versatile microphone for iPhone field recordings [Review]


Shure MV51 microphone
Shure's MV51 microphone is MFi-certified and great for recording with an iPhone or iPad.
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Best List: MV51 microphone by Shure

Looking like something Elvis Presley would rock, the Shure MV51 is a handsome, retro-styled microphone well-suited to podcasting with an iPad or iPhone. Sturdy and portable, I find it great for recording on the go. It’s small enough to throw into a jacket pocket and, because it’s made of all metal, it’s nigh indestructible.

Paired with an iPhone and Shure’s well-designed recording app, it’s a lot more compact than most podcasting rigs, and versatile enough for most recording situations. Best of all, the audio it captures sounds great.

How to set up a quality Mac podcasting rig for under $300


Podcasting doesn't have to break the bank. Here  are some high quality rigs and Mac apps to get you started.
Podcasting doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some high quality rigs and Mac apps to get you started.
Photo: Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor

app-factor-logo-thumbnailPodcasting has been experiencing a renaissance lately, and for good reason. Podcasts can be about a wide variety of topics, from Apple to sports, comedy, storytelling and so much more. It’s a great time to get into podcasting because the barrier to entry is so low and you don’t have to break the bank to buy a totally workable setup.

Some of the greatest podcasts in the iTunes Top Charts are regularly recorded using sub-$100 to $300 mics. Whether you want to gain influence in a community or nerd out about the latest iPhone, a podcast is a great place to do it.