Pocket iPad Stand Looks Perfect For Travelers



It’s hard to oversell the usefulness of a good iPad stand stand for travelers. It starts on the plane so you can bypass the in-flight movies with something better, and continues from there.

You can prop the iPad up in the bathroom or on the nightstand, you can – in concert with the removed Smart Cover as a base – fashion a quick in-bed theater, and you can type, play music and everything else, all without having to put your pristine iDeice down onto filthy hotel furniture. Ugh.

Newest Ticket to Ride Pocket Game Goes Free This Weekend [Daily Freebie]



If you haven’t played Ticket to Ride yet, all you need to know is that the iPad version is the most addictive board game I’ve played on the device. On the iPhone? Nothing even comes close (O.K., except maybe chess and Words with Friends).

This weekend the newest version of the game to hit the iPhone, Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket, goes from $2 to free. Don’t miss out on this one — and make sure you tell a buddy so you can play ’em.

Pocket Improves Sharing And Highlighting



My favorite read-later app, Pocket, has revamped its sharing options to make it way easier to send articles and snippets to other people. It’s powered by email, although once you’ve set it up you wouldn’t know it. And yes, for those who have been following along, it totally lets you save your favorite passages as highlights, although you’ll need to hack things to get that working.

Move Over Instapaper And Pocket: DotDotDot Adds Notes, Tags And Comments [Opinion]



Just before the weekend, a new Read Later app launched. Yes, you rightly shout, there are a ton of these apps around already. Hell, even Safari can save pages off line for reading later. But the new app/service, called DotDotDot, shows what these services should be. It’s not polished (it’s an early beta), but it already shows up the competition.

Which brings me to “the competition.” I just ditched Instapaper, the grandaddy of read-later apps, for Pocket. Why? Read on.

The Beamhaus Pocket Is A Luxury Leather Home For Your iPhone 5 [Review]



The Beamhaus Pocket is a premium leather sleeve for the iPhone 5 that’s “inspired by old baseball mitts, broken-in leather jackets, and long-loved boots.” It’s made from hand-selected leather from the Horween Leather Company, the oldest tannery in the United States, and it’s built to provide your iPhone with complete protection from everyday scratches and scrapes.

On the front of the Pocket, there’s a little pouch that’ll hold up to three credit cards — according to Beamhaus — plus a large cutout at the bottom that allows you to access your Lightning connector and hear your speaker. The Pocket is also lined with suede, which aims to prevent your shiny iPhone 5 from getting damaged as you slip it in and out of the case.

The Pocket is available in black and tan, and it’s priced at $59.99. Read on to find out whether it’s worth it.

How To Save Links To Pocket, Instapaper, Readability Anywhere In iOS [Jailbreak]


Readr iPhone

Apple’s Reading List lets you save and sync links in iOS and OS X to read later on any iCloud-enabled device, but the feature is restricted to Safari. Due to the limited nature of Reading List and the fact that it hasn’t existed for that long, third-party services like Pocket and Instapaper are widely used for saving links to read later.

Apps like Tweetbot let you send links to Pocket or Instapaper quite easily, but what if you could send a webpage to your favorite read later service anywhere in iOS natively, including Safari? With a new jailbreak tweak called Readr, now you can.