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Groove 2: The Best Music Player For iOS Just Got Even Better


Groove 2 gets Retina display graphics for the new iPad, playlist shuffle, and more in latest update.

Groove 2 is the music player that your iOS device’s built-in Music app should have been. It really is an incredible app, and if you haven’t already downloaded it, I urge you to go and do it now. It’s packed full of incredible features that music lovers shouldn’t be without, and with its latest update, it just gets better.

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Ever spend hours chained to your desktop computer, painstakingly creating the perfect playlist for your workout, a party you’re planning, or that special someone? If so, you know how creative and rewarding the process can be. What if you could do that very same thing while on the go? Without dragging your entire computer along with you? Well, it turns out that you can, and we’re here to help!