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Verizon Wants To Sell You 300MB Data Plan For Your iPhone for $20 Per Month



Verizon Wireless introduced a brand new data plan late last week that gives customers 300MB of data for just $20 per month. It’s available to customers in the mid-Atlantic region from August 18 to September 30, but is expected to roll-out permanently by this holiday season. For those who aren’t massive data consumers but would like to get a little bit of browsing for their bucks, it seems to be a great deal.

Complete Best Buy iPhone Launch Plan Leaked



The complete text of Best Buy’s launch plan for the iPhone 4 has been leaked to iClarified by an individual going by the handle of bbinsider.

The 24 page launch plan addressed to Best Buy employees includes:

  • Things employees should not do during the sale.
  • Details about employee purchases.
  • Best Buy SKUs and pricing.
  • AT&T rate and data plan requirements; Early termination fee information.
  • Information about the iPhone 4 Micro SIM
  • Tips on what to do with an old iPhone; Comparison between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.
  • Comparison with other vendor offerings from Sprint and Verizon
  • Etc.

The  most interesting information revealed in the document, according to iClarified, is that Best Buy will be offering pre-sales on launch day for people standing in line waiting to buy an iPhone 4:

Since inventory availability is expected to be minimal, stores may open up a limited time pre-sale window as an option for customers on launch day who have not previously pre-purchased.
– Pre-sales may only occur up to 11:00 am local time
– Customers who pre-purchase on launch day will be added to the store’s pre-sale cue based on time of pre-sale and will get their pre-sale fulfilled in priority order
– Do not provide customers who pre-purchase on launch day timing on when a device may be available

You can read the entire document and grab the rest of the plans highlights yourself here.